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Prescription quantities

Had a rather fretful day today collecting my prescription from my new doctor's surgery as they would only prescribe me 1 symbicort inhaler (120 puffs) rather than the usual 3 that my previous doctor prescribed me. Nobody at the surgery would listen to me when I tried to explain that 1 was not enough as my regular dose would only see me through one month but that, at the present time, it will probably only last me about 20 days due to the fact that the symbicort is a smart inhaler which can be used as a reliever too and I am going through a bad stage with my asthma at the moment so require more puffs. My question is whether there is any law governing how many inhalers can be prescribed in one prescription? My new surgery just did not want to listen to what I was trying to say and they wouldn't let me speak to a doctor about it either claiming the doctors were all out and wouldn't be back for two hours !! I was so upset that I burst into tears but the woman just looked at me with zero understanding. I'm determined to go back to them and speak to a doctor about it but just wanted to know if I could throw some facts at them about it. Many thanks. Sharry

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My trouble is that the old gp used to give me 2 salbutamol but new one only gives one which is why I am always run out at the moment resulting in more admissions. Whatever you do pls share it as it would be quite handy


Sorry not very useful but Whatever i tried just didnt work.


I'm sure a doctor will have absolutelyno issue increading it slightly, their concern may be that they want to monitor how frequently you're needing to repeat the script so they can keep an eye on how much you;re using, so they might not want to prescribe loads. If you're going through a bad patch should you see your GP anyway so you can see if you're on the right meds?

Yas - you need to either go to a new GP practice or ask your cons to write a letter to GP telling them to prescribe more - but even then you should never run out, if you're getting through one every week or whatever then just put in for a repeat every week!


My Symbicort used to last me an average of 15 days, and I never had any issues, I would just go down to the doctors every 12 days or so and stick another one in the repeat prescription as my GP would only prescribe more than one at the same time if I was going on holiday.

It sounds to me as if you need to get an appointment with the GP and go over your asthma treatments properly so they will prescribe them according to what you need and no what protocol says?


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