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Is anyone else having issues with hayfever?

Hi all :)

I've noticed that I've started getting symptoms of hayfever again over the last week or so (it can't be that time again already can it?!)

It started with me waking myself up coughing (and one of my flatmates who kindly told me to shut up). I hoped it was a cold but since then feeling like I'm constantly about to sneeze and runny eyes have appeared too. Today I walked past someone cutting their grass and it had an almost instant affect on my asthma. I've started with the OTC antihistamines so I'm doing nothing but sleeping atm! I'm not sure whether I get use to them every year or used forget what it's like to be awake haha.

This is just a general moan I guess! I want to go and enjoy the sun!

Is anyone else suffering earlier than usual?

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Hello sniff cough Rachel cough

this tree pollen is knocking me out!

Snot, throat bunged up, cough, phlegm, blarghhhhhh!!! never had it this bad at this time of year before

antihistamines not working, nasal spray not working

I think it because we have not a jolly good frost to kill the mould and the wind and rain coating us with the tree blossem

""sneeze"" ""cough"" ""blatghhhhh"" ""snort!""

hopefully it will pass

forcast a sgarp frost soon so hopefully we will feel better (I just want to sleep as well!) sniff, snort , wheeze :)


Ahhhh I came on here to ask exactly the same question!!!

The past week+ I've been bunged up/streaming, watery eyes etc etc. but when I check ""local pollen count"" it says low!? How can this be!?

I'm fortunate that my symptoms are mild, but it's still really annoying feeling like your nose is running all the time :(.


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