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Being referred to Preston?

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well!

I'm just wondering if anyone is treated in Preston for their asthma? I've recently been back in hospital, my lungs are really hating life recently and my consultant in Liverpool isn't happy with how things are going. I've had xolair since November and got worse rather than improve at all, so I finish that next week and then I will be referred on to a specialist centre in preston...I don't really know much at all about what this place is or why I'm going there, apparently I'll be under their team for around 6 months and if they can't sort something out then I'm down for bronchial thermoplasty during the winter :/

I'm just wondering what more they can do? I'm currently on Fostair 2 puffs twice a day, salbutamol inhaler (a lot a day), montelukast 10mg, lansoprazole 30mg twice a day, domperidone 10mg three times a day, prednisolone 10/5mg (up to 40mg at least once a month) gavascon four times a day and xolair 375mg every 2 weeks. They seemed unhappy to let me have nebulisers at home just yet but that's all I can see as a next step?! I'm allergic to theophylline too...

Thanks in advance, getting really fed up of asthma lately! PEF is 50% at best now and I haven't slept in weeks...whatever they suggest I'll gladly do for a good night sleep and to be able to go more than a week being ""well""


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Go to Preston with an easy heart!

My husband was referred there 4 years ago and we regularly make the 120 mile round trip for check ups/consultations. The team in the Difficult Airways clinic is amazing. My husband's condition is now extremely well managed. Good luck.


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