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moderate asthma & cough for 4 weeks

All tips comments will be gratefully receive.

I am a 54 yr female with asthma for approx 18 yrs, it came on shortly after starting HRT for premature menopause. I have perennial rhinitis. I rhinitis & I use a nasal spray each morning.

I am overweight with a BMI of 35, I have a cat, I'm not a lover of dusting but all these remain pretty much stable features of my life.

I take seretide 100 via an accuhaler & never miss it.

I have taken rescue steroids approx x 2 times as they make me feel a bit manic.Historically my job as a nurse triggers infections as I work in acute illness presentations. I've never been hospitalised with asthma.

I have had a troublesome cough for 4 weeks clear phlegm, pharyngeal wheeze only that clears with coughing, I'm not short of breath unless i do strenuous exercise.

I had a full work up 12 months ago with a respiratory consultant who put my epiosdes down to my job & being overweight.

The cough I have now is tedious/tiring & affecting my pelvic floor!!

I am wondering if I should exclude certain foods like dairy as I do cough more after eating cheese & cream.

I am using my releiver most days & I have added in extra flixotide 50mcgs for 2-3 weeks with little change.

My PEFR = 320-350 which is average for me.

anyone got any tips advice?



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Hi ,

I had a month constant coughing and had 3 lots of different antibiotics and 3 weeks on steroids.

I had hot drinks of Blackcurrent and cough meds and it settled down and was a chest infection.

I get a asthma cough that's a dry itchy scratchy feeling in my throat and coughing fits that won't stop and breathless and Need my neb as need big multi doses of reliever and follow my hospital action plan.

Do what you can to ease the cough glynis


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