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What do you do when you start getting a cold?

Just wondering what everyone else does when they start getting sick. I've woken up with sore throat, blocked nose, earache, temp and can definitely already feel my asthma starting to be affected. The thing is, there's nothing on my asthma plan to prevent things happening at this stage, it's all about peak flow drops. Would anyone increase their steroid inhaler and salbutamol just to prevent the cold moving into their chest and getting really sick?

I can't risk getting sick and being off work again when I've only been back just over a week! :/ and sitting waiting and worrying about it getting worse isn't gonna help! Any suggestions? Thanks! Jo x

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I don't have an action plan but my seretide prescription covers 1 puff once a day to 2 puffs twice a day so I have the flexibility to up or down my dose depending on symptoms. If I feel my asthma going downhill for any reason, I work my way up. This has been agreed with my gp though and wouldn't suggest you do anything without consulting him/her first. Could you ring the gps Secretary and ask if they are happy with you increasing your steroid inhaler before you get really ill? Saves you actually having to go to an appointment?



I'm already taking 2 puffs twice a day of fostair. I'll try for a phone appointment tomorrow with my GP, see what they advise. By then, my peak flows might have dipped enough to start on the next step of my plan anyways. It's something I must remember to bring up when I see the consultant though, about maybe altering my meds myself when I can feel myself getting sick before anything actually starts to deteriorate.



Hi Jo, yes I agree too, wld check with your asthma nurse or gp if they are happy for you to double your fostair. I always double my clenil intake at the first signs of cold and it definitely helps. . Let us know how you get on.


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