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That cough!

I've forgotten how I should use the forum properly, yet it is related to an entry I made in Sept 2012.

The cough has come back, an utter nuisance. Ventolin would reduce it for a short time. My asthma nurse said my airways are clear and there's no infection, if it persists I should return after Christmas and get booked in for a chest xray.

It got worse over the holiday and is very tiring. So I used my wife's nebuliser with Sally (Ventolin). Immediate relief! The cough is still there but not a great problem. The major benefit is that I had not realised my airway was affected, the neb has opened up to make relaxed clear breathing.

I nebulisedt last night and this morning and will only use it if I sense the need - perhaps morning and just before bedtime.

I bet my nurse doesn't know about CVA, I think I might, now!

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So glad you found something that me the cough less of a burden.


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