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Son been officially diagnosed with asthma aged 2

Hi Everyone,

My son was hospitalized for 3 days last week with asthma; before that he was on the brown inhaler and had been constantly been getting chest problems and being put on steroids (he's been on them 8 times this year). I went to his allergy consultant appt (he has anaphalaxis alllergy to egg, almonds, cats and dogs) and they have upped his brown inhaler to two puffs twice a day and have prescribed him singulair monktelukast to be taken every evening. I am hoping to get the asthma under control as have had a few episodes where he cannot breathe and its scared the living daily life out of me. I am just looking to meet people in the same sort of position with same age kids. I also have 2 other children who are 4 and 11 months but they have no health problems.

Lauren xx

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My son Thomas is 3.5years old. He was diagnosed with asthma about 16 months ago and is currently on seretide 125, nedocromil, flixonase and ventolin. He used to take singular too but he had to be taken off that. We are fairly well controlled at the moment but have been through periods where he has been very badly controlled. He doesn't have any allergies we know of and his attacks tend to be caused by viruses and changes in the weather.

Jenny x x.


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