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Sleeping - Window Open or Closed?


I've not long been diagnosed with severe asthma and had a pretty poor year health wise. I'm currently recovering from chest / sinuses infection 3 in as many months and am getting pretty tired of being on steroids and antibiotics! I just had a (maybe silly!) question to throw out to the group and looking for a little feedback:

I LOVE sleeping with my window open making my room as cold as possible during the night whilst I'm all toasty wrapped in my duvet. Given the asthma is this a bad idea to continue with?

I suffer quite badly at night with my asthma any way, I wake up around 8 / 9 times a night on average even on a hot summer night I'm just wondering if I'm doing myself more harm by keeping my room so cold? I do appreciate that cold aggravates certain illnesses so if it's better to sleep in a warm room then I guess I'll have to adapt...



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I believe the health guidelines are to keep your bedroom temperature at 16-18'C. I like a window open, even just on the latch in freezing temperatures as a room without some fresh air triggers my asthma.


It will be better if you will close your window try to sleep in a warm place i my self was suffering from this infection and just recovered it will better for you to close you window


I think this depends entirely on the individual. If you have outside environmental allergies, or are reactive to cold, then that would suggest you need the windows closed. If cold air, or outside allergies aren't a problem, then there should be less of an issue with having it open. I don't think its a one size fits all.


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