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Flu vaccine

Just wondering ...

I went to the gp today to try and settle an asthma ""do"". GP was v helpful and also did flu vac at the same time.

Since then however I am becoming incresingly tight and uncomfortable. Am very wheezy and quite sob. Lungs were already hurting but now worse. Temp is up. Is this because of the flu vac? I DONT need to get help, but want to know if the vac will make me go downhill further? Or if it is even anything to do with it?

Thanks :-)

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This is an interesting one cos I had the flu vaccine yesterday, then ended up admitted last night with a temp, worsening in my chest and good ol dead arm, and the resp team did wonder if having the jab while my body is working so hard just keep me well was a bit much hence a bit more of a nasty reaction.

I never seem to do well with flu jabs though I got flu last year and I got swine flu 2 days after the jab the year before lol

I hope u feel better soon!

Becca xx


I have been following this message thread with interest because I was at my GP surgery last Friday and whilst I was being treated for an asthma flare up the Nurse mentioned that I was due to have my flu jab but said that now is not a good time she wants my chest infection to clear up and give my lungs time to settle down.


Ugh not good :-( got very little sleep last night as temp high and lungs throwing a right strop!! Still trying work out today, but reliever usage isn't boding well. 111 reckon that a brittle having a bit of a flare up, to have the vac makes admission more or less inevitable. Can't be bothered with it!! Ugh, ugh, ugh!!

Well that sums up this mornings mood LOL


Glad you posted this - didn't think about how flu jab might interact with on-going exacerbation. Will need to email GP to discuss, though I suspect having it is better than not. The last thing I need right now is full blown flu.

Laurs, hope you are feeling better later on and make it to work. But do rest if you need to.


The flu vaccine is a killed virus and is unable to give you the flu. However you can and may well get mild symptoms as your body responds to the vaccine, which is why they don't like to give it usually during active exacerbations or chest infections in those with significant respiratory issues. Believe me that is still far less dangerous than contracting the flu. I have both the flu vaccine and pneumonia vaccine - the one year I didn't have the flu vaccine I did get flu, ended up with severe pneumonia and almost died, total stupidity on my part!

Symptoms are usually mild and wear off in a few days, I hope that's the case for you both Laura and Becca. I've got my flu jab tomorrow, fingers crossed lol.


Well, been admitted. Work sent me as I lost all ability to talk. Just moved to critical care and loads better now, can talk and all :-)

It's odd, wasn't nearly as bad as what I usually am on admission, yet was in resus within less than 5 mins of self presenting (only came in as was sent from work to a&e) and as the dr and resus team didn't like the noises coming from my lungs (was wheezing - lots!), crap peak flow and apparently an interesting colour. Decided to not faff with just b2b nebs and went straight to IVs meaning I resolved super quick and after 5 hours in there feeling good with my lungs!! Hoping I might escape? Maybe? Hopefully?! Was also given a huge telling off for how late it was left ... it was early for me!

When asked about how long this attack had been going on for, said about it being rubbish yesterday and then having the flu jab. Resus dr said it would have been the vac which tipped it over the edge. Interestingly, my chest X-ray showed infection. Think I'm not getting rid of it before the course finishes, so now on IV stuff.

Hope you're feeling better asthma girl and becca xxx


I have the flu jab every year and i had the pneumonia jab once but i had a really bad reaction to that one - 3 weeks of being ill, 1st week just like very bad cold, 2nd week really bad asthma, 3rd week lost voice. That's the only time i've ever been to the doctor specifically for my asthma (and that was an emergency appt, my own surgery was shur for staff training so i went to the wlk-in and they sent me to the equivalent of OOH even though it was the middle of the afternoon).

I rang on moday for a nurse appt for half term (week beginning 21st oct) but got told she's fully booked till mid november :-o They're going to send me an appt through the post but i think i'll ring in half term to see if there's any cancellations


3 weeks ago I had a cold and phlegm on my chest but it did not affect my asthma. That cleared up and I had flu injection and 5 days later my asthma has flared up. I am a silent asthmatic and don't wheeze just have a tightening on the chest. I too was wondering if there was a connection with the flu jab.


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