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Multiple chest infections

I have been having recurrent chest infections. Normally once every 2-3 months. When I get them I double up on the Poofers and get antibiotics and steroids. However in the last 3 weeks this chest infection is not shifting I'm on my second lot of steroids and antibiotics in a space of 3 weeks.

My chest hurts so much from breathing in and have had hardly any sleep with the coughing. I've been getting fevers list my voice (much to the husbands and kids delight).

Is this normal. Only been diagnosed with asthma 18 months after a 3 day in hospital. That attack came on after a chest infection.

I had a chest X-ray 3 months ago which was clear and my last spitruim test was normal for me. I've stopped going to the gym now for 3 months as it was embarrassing couldn't even walk for ten minutes on tread mill without grabbing my inhailer.

Any advice what I can do to improve my health would be greatly appreciated.

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it sounds like you need to go back to the doctors. Whilst chest infections exacerbate asthma, its not really normal for asthmatics to have recurrent chest infections like you describe. Have you been checked for other things? Like a reflux study? (reflux can cause chest infections and worsen asthma and isnt always symptomatic) and other chest conditions can cause recurrent infection, like bronchiectasis.

Whatever the reason it sounds like the antibiotics arent cutting it.. have you done a recent sputum culture and sensitivity, ie for this current infection to ensure the antibiotic is the correct one to treat it?

Its horrible when you have constant infections, I had about four years of it, and I feel for you x


Only just been back to doctors today. Didn't do a sputum just listened to chest which is of course is wheezy. Will have a look into reflux. My daughter had acid reflux while as a baby is this the same thing?


Yep. Turned out to be the cause of my recurrent pneumonia. Ive gone from being on permanent daily antibiotics, and additional antibiotics roughly every six weeks, with regular lengthy hospital admissions for IV antibiotics, now to one or two infections per year. Shame it took so long to figure out!

I now have an electric bed and sleep at a minimum of 45 degrees angle along with other measures.


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