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hi :) quick update

Haven't been on here for a while but thought i wud say hi n also welcome new members :)

here u will find all u need to know bout all severities of asthma n its treatment n get info as well as support from other members :)

well to update u all, i am now married. Still back n forth to costa but not near as often as i was going!! Meds been changed n i continue on four times a day home nebs of sally n atrovent n continuous oral steroids making me look like an elephant - according to outta hrs gp!!! Maybe i do but he didn't have to be so blunt!!

my cons is fab n asthma nurse too. Been living back in wales from London, bout 2 years now. Diabetic coz of pred n also having seizures which i am having tests for to identify epilepsy.

haven't been in costa for 17 days now which is a new recent record for me, but trialled lowering steroids by only 2.5mg this week n not going well. Fingers crossed i can avoid going in!!

hugs to all xxxx

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Congratulations snowygirl that is fantastic news about your wedding.

Pred gave you diabetes??? :S I am lucky that I only take as and when I need it (twice in 2 years). Now you have diabetes, what do you do for medication as I have noticed alot of inhalers and possibly the montelukast etc say dont take if diabetic??


hi snowygirl and congratulations on your marriage :) good to hear you have a fab healthcare team, it makes all the difference! Bummer about the diabetes, though its not uncommon in long term pred users, Im sick of them keep testing me LOL, thankfully I havent developed it. I hope your stint free of hospital continues :)


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