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Chest pain post asthma attack and hospital admission


I was just wondering does anyone else get pain in their chest after an asthma attack. I have fairly uncontrolled asthma since getting pneumonia 10 years ago but this time the pain in my chest has stayed with me. I was admitted to hospital about 5 weeks ago and still off work as a result of it. The pain is like a muscular ache but also feels kind of bruised. Does anyone else get this and does anyone have any ideas what causes it?? I'm due to see GP about going back to work so will ask about it then.

Cheers for any help

Just Tux

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I get chest pain, but I'm new to asthma, so not really sure if its what you get. Cold air is my trigger and I start off with annoying throat clearing and coughing , followed by chest pain. Respigen seems to get rid of it though and my coughing is controlled by seretide, so the coughing isn't too bad. Don't like the chest pain though.



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