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Need some advice and in hospital

Good afternoon all,

I think it's best to start at the beginning so as your advice will b helpful.

17th July got home from riding to find myself tight chested, did the peak flow 190, went on a neb 2.5 and PF 320

18th July went to get repeat prescription from asthma nurse and to discuss action. Was put in hospital magnesium drip 60 steroids hydrocortisone and four news,

19tg July discharged on care plan 60 steroids, 4hourly nebs

One week goes by no real improvement PF around 200-300

29tg July stupidly went to work when PF 235 got in trouble phoned bleep nurse at st Thomas and she said to come in, as I live in Sevenoaks I went to local hospital. Doctors treated with nebs and decided to take me down on the nebs to monitor what would happen. PF 110 but no wheeze and sats 98. Because I won't see the chest team until tomorrow they are more interested in he sats and leaving to breathe with a PF of 110 approx post neb. I have cramps running across my back and shoulders I feel weak and to be honest feel like giving up, in a way I wish my sats would go down that way they would take notice.

Moan over

H x

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Argh, *hugs* sorry you're having such a rough time!!

I can totally sympathise - I'm a brittle and spend a lot of time in hospital at the moment. I rarely wheeze (or ot when not ill enough to be in!!) and maintain my sats. During an attack for me, the only way you can really gauge how ill I am is to do an ABG to see what my blood gasses are doing.

Can't really advise, but can sympathise!! What is their plan for you?!

Feel better soon!

L x


Thanks x

Asthma nurse is currently up against the medical team as chest doctors not here until tomorrow.

Another rough night me thinks

H x


Hey, sorry to hear that you've been having a crappy time (the weather is being mean at the moment), there's not much i can do apart from offer my sympathy to you ( i know its really horrible when doctors don't listen to you especially when your feeling poorly)

But Asthma nurses hold a fair amount of power.

i hope you feel better soon and out of hospital x

p.s i think we might be at the same clinic you mentioned st thomas ?


Well all looking up! Finally got to see the chest team yesterday, after making me walk up the corridor they found the wheeze they wanted. Getting the care I need with an apology (which is nice) so hopefully I will be out tomorrow- thank god!

I really do think medical teams should learn about asthma especially type 2.



Can't tell you how often, I have this issue! I've even been told I'm having a panic attack before and kind of spoken to like Im a drama queen by the consultant on at the hospital that day. And at that point I did start to think maybe I am and it's just confusing me. It's only when the physio came to talk to me listened to my chest and wasn't happy and went and spoke to someone, and one of the consultants team came back and re did things did things really get sorted out. The next day the consultant came round again with his team and completely backtracked on what he said before.

I agree when the consultant doesn't really get whats going on it shows they need more knowledge on these things!

Hope your feeling better now!


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