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Cold after cold

Hi all.i recently got over a bad chest infection that I had for weeks and weeks.had a fab two weeks no asthma now I'm down wither another cold that has gone straight on my chest I'm really fed up does anyone else get cold after cold that they can't get rid of?if so do you have any tips advice please.i eat healthy drink tons of water and take vitamins echinacea etc.thanks x

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I really don't understand what you have problem but I just advise you about the food.

You just need to make your system balanced and try to live natural do not need to eat any unnecessary food item.

Use maximum water and take some exercise.


I've been in a pretty similar situation too.

I had a chest infection in December, throat & chest problems due to second hand smoke inhalation in February, a sinus infection in March, laryngitis/chest infection in April and now another chest infection following a cold.

I've been taking vitamin c, zinc and fish oil supplements recently to try and boost my immune system. My cold was fairly short lived, so maybe it's working ~ but it did leave me a going away present in the form of a chest infection!

I want some echinacea, but it's really hard to come by in Japan.

If anyone has any immune system boosting ideas, I could do with them too XD


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