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Lung function deterioration


I'm an otherwise healthy 42 yo male, not overweight and get plenty exercise. Over recent months I have got progressively more out of breath. Yesterday for example I collapsed with dizziness after running out of puff whilst hoovering. I can walk good distances but I know I have done it! My chest constantly aches as does my upper back / shoulders. The asthma nurse tested lung function and it has deteriorated from 600 to 450 over the last couple of years. Not really coughing except when out of breath. I can't breathe in deeply without pain and I can't breathe out fully, so I am only using the middle ""band"" of my lungs (although it is quite a big band). No blood or sputum. Have been prescribed combined steroid inhaler but it makes no difference. Still breathless, still hurts, peak flow unchanged. I'm not convinced this is asthma. Should the doctor be looking at something else?



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Hello there, you do sound in a pickle.. it sounds like at best you need to revisit your GP, as whatever your personal best peak flow is, your symptoms suggest that something isnt right. I wonder if your back and chest are aching because you are using all your accessory muscles to help you breathe and get air into your lungs? Please go back and see your GP, and if not happy ask for a referral or second opinion. How long have you been on the steroid inhaler? It may take a while to start working, do you have a short acting reliever inhaler like ventolin? (salbutamol).

There are plenty of things that can cause breathlessness aside from asthma, but hopefully your GP is basing his diagnosis of asthma on the appropriate investigations and peak flow monitoring. If you need to speak to someone you can also ring the Asthma UK helpline for support, they are apparently really helpful so might be worth giving them a call.

Hope things improve for you soon

Lynda :)


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