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Fed up


I have been on Symbicort 200 and 400. I found Symbicort really helped with my asthma after struggling for 6 months on various other inhalers. Unfortunately my asthma is yet again playing up badly and I am having 'attacks' at least 5 times per day (where I have to use my reliever and often at least 5 puffs each time) and because of being breathless, I have been having problems using the Symbicort because of not having the breath in me to breathe it in so I am now back on Seretide, even though I was put on this last year and it didn't help.

I have been an asthmatic for 18 months now (diagnosed at the age of 36), been in hospital twice, been on numerous inhalers, loads of steroids (am on them again now), have a nebuliser at home and am frequently breathless. Had a ct scan last week and am due back to see the consultant in January but am fed up with it all now and feel like the doctors are just ticking boxes.

I frequently get scared when breathless and tight chested, haven't slept for months as I am awake coughing and wheezing, can hardly walk up stairs and my peak flows are measuring 160 (my best is 350) and because of using the reliever so much, that makes me feel heady and shaky but I know all the doctor will do is give me yet more steroids and no doubt another inhaler to try but I just feel I am going round in circles and not getting any better.

Sorry to 'rant' just fed up with feeling like this all of the time.

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I got my first powder reliever inhaler when I was really ill and could hardly breathe so I couldn`t take the sharp breath needed to inhale it so I went back to the docs and asked for an aerosol inhaler which was brilliant for me

I now always get both reliever and preventer inhalers as aerosols


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