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Got another question!

Hi :) Hope everyone's ok :) Got another question!

I decided to go to my appt today (partly as it was an excuse not to write my lab report!) and told her about what's been going on for the past few weeks. She took my pf which was in the green for me and so she said not to worry too much as whatever it is will probably go away. In the meantime I have to up my inhalers until monday to three time a day with ventolin when I get up and before I go bed since this is when I'm worse. She also advised me to avoid too much exercise (not easy to do when you have lectures on the 11th floor and the lifts are out of order!). She said that if I hadn't started to improve by monday I should go and see a doc so they can decide if they want to mess around with my inhalers more. I was just wondering, what should I do if I still have this chesty cough but feel less breathless? Is it worth still going or will that go later?

Obviously I've not had time to get used to the increase yet, but today has been worse than the last few days with the coughing. Probably the hike uphill to the health centre didn't help! I'm not a fan of the docs there so would really rather avoid going, but then I have been coughing for 3 weeks now!

I'm sure the majority of the posts I make are random questions that I should have asked whilst I was with someone!

Thanks :)

Merry Christmas :)

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Hey Rachel :)

Sorry you're still not feeling great, I hope the change in your medication starts to work soon! I know what you mean about the coughing, I can't do anything or go anywhere at the moment without coughing and wheezing and it's horrible :( if I were you I would still go to the next appointment, even if you aren't as breathless - although that's just my opinion! I have had a constant cough for 13 years and if you can get it sorted then I think it's best to get rid of it while you can!

Sorry I can't be much help, just wanted to say I'm in a similar position so I can offer you sympathy :) hope you start feeling better soon. Also, Merry Christmas! :D


Revisit the question on Sunday evening/Monday morning, it's not going to be easy to predict/decide now as it can change between now and then. If, by Sunday evening, you've got worse or not seen any improvement in symptoms then go see the doc, if you've got better and cough gone then don't see the doc. Kinda sounds like you might need your meds changing anyway. Hope you're feeling better soon. x


Thanks :)

I was wondering about booking an appt when I posted since I have very little time on monday when I'm avaliable due to lectures and exams from 9-5 :( I rang the health centre to explain and they've booked me one for monday lunchtime and have said just ring in the morning if I don't need it :)

I only woke twice last night due to asthma (though another 3 times dues to my insanely noisy flatmate!) which is an improvement, but the cough is worse if anything! A friend told me I sound like a barking dog!

Just as a side point- I have a suspicion that one of my flatmates was smoking weed last night. I can't report him as I have no proof so the accommodation office will just tell me to stop making a fuss (that's what they tell everyone for everything!) but could this be the reason for my constant coughing? Not sure how these drugs work if I'm honest!


It's nice not to be woken quite so often at night, I hope your nights continue to get better. It's the being woken struggling to breathe at night that I find really tiring, especially when it's for weeks on end, like yours now. I went to bed at 8.30 as I'm tired, but I'm up coughing already.

You say your cough is worse if anything, so I hope you're going to keep your appoinemnt. I hope it goes well and you get the treatment you need to sort things out.

Any smoke could be triggering your cough, doesn't matter about the origin.




Hope you're feeling better Lou and getting some sleep!

I did keep the appt but it was a waste of time going. The doc said I've got a clear chest and them he lectured me about how asthmatics can still get coughs and how it wasn't asthma. He said I need to stop myself coughing (tried all day it just makes me need ventolin) and I should give it a few more weeks to clear up. :(

Oh well! Think I'm going to go back to ignoring it!


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