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what would you do if you was in me !


long story i am after some advice what would you do

i went to my gp after a n e said i had costochondritis my gp gave me co codmail had a bad reaction to them ended up in a n e then sent back to my gp he said my costochondritis was affecting my asthma i showed him my peak flow diray hey gess what it was normal range for me but he said you need them hey you trust a gp ment to no what they are doing did not question him he put me on 5 days of Prednisolone then said come back still in bad pain from costochondritis not asthma i said this to him hey did he listion to what i had to say NO put me on another 5 days of pred come back 5 days back no affect peak flow normal for me normal as just costochondritis pain very bad pain gp it you asthma not costochondritis 5 days of pred 3rd lot no affects just side affects spots fat face weight gane n feeling like shit and still in pain thanks so i went back to gp send me to a n e cos i said chest pains still he just looked at me and the pc looked on nhs parthways and picked up phone to hos when in did chest xray mmr blood test abg test every test going to see what was going on with my body.

hey after 5 hours and some gas and air for pain when to see respitraty consolanted you have costochondritis mr gave me some strong pain killers to take and said see how you are and remined pred side affect on the body ect also said what was that gp thinking of 1 week of pred no affect dont give it agen.

2 days after distarge from a n e had swolen glands and feeling very restless no erney tired feeling in pain in my neak head akes from pain killers and fever when to wak in center to see out of hours gp i said everything to him good guy listoned to me and said your swolen glands are a good sing your body if fighting a seroues viral infection go home rest if they dont come down go to a n e still not better

what i have done so far got paper work to go to new gp in village nr me not up the road from me

do i report this gp and how do i do it as if you complane to the gp practed manger nuffin gets done

please help me

much aprected mat

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read this and see if it helps you


read this and see if it helps you

thank you so much :) maty


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