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Have bean seeing the same asthma nurse for a year i have had asthma all my life but not needed inhalers for along time i am going threw a bad patch with my asthma trips to a n e ect now on smart and doing my peak flow ever day was very happy with my asthma nurse very nice lady good with asthma ! she has now left the gps so i when for my normal check up they said me o she has left o ok then can i see another asthma gp or nurse? she then said to me there is no asthma nurse or gp just see a normal gp they did not even check my peak flow just said carry on your be fine !!!! spoke to the gp manger about this she said the gps are practrion happy !!!! they dont have time to do cheacks i asked if they are geting another asthma person she said no the moncy is not there !!!! is it just me or is cut backs to the nhs nuts !

mathew :(

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Hi matt

I have a community matron who works for my local councils nhs. You could see if your local council has this service because here you can self refer to tehm and they do same as asthma nurse.



hey Matthew, that is crazy with what they have done at your surgery. did the person who checked you over recently even ask what your peak flow has been, or is!? I guess then that although they didn't physically check at least they were showing an interest!? my gp's don't often physically check my peak flow, in fact I don't even think my asthma nurses did when I was last there. As I do it daily, they seems to go on just my word.

With you saying that you are going to the hospital a few times recently, and with there being no specific asthma nurse at your surgery, could you possibly ask to be refereed to a hospital team just so you can definitely see a team who knows about our illness and provide you with the best care possible?!



HI Mathew,

That doesn't sound good, just leaving it to you!

Is there another GP you can see? Even if there's not an 'asthma' one, you may find you get a lot further with a GP who is generally good and willing to listen! The one I prefer to see doesn't have asthma listed as an interest but he seems to know a fair amount about it, is open-minded about options etc and willing to listen; I generally come away from appts with him feeling like I've got somewhere at least!

Otherwise, if you don't feel you're getting anywhere with any of the GPs, I'd ask for a referral like Charlie aays! If they are doing this because of cutbacks it does seem a bit crazy since as far as I know emergency asthma care costs the NHS - including the surgery - a lot more than routine care would!

Matt, I understand completely how you're feeling. My own surgery seems to be staffed by GPs who are totally uninterested in asthma and who appear bored by every word you say. I kept going back until I found one who actually listened to me, looked at my peak flow diary and then changed my meds, as a result of which I haven't had any major problems for about 18 months. I know it's difficult, but keep going back until you find someone who doesn't treat you as if you're a bit of a time waster. As a last resort, could you change your surgery?

Good luck, and don't give up!


hey everyone thanks for u help all helped got take to a n e by amblance they are now doing my follow up care for me as my gp that check me failed to spot i have a chest infection as well as costochondritis!! as for the asthma lady at the surgery the local trust is looking in to the lead gp why he feel they dont need a replment

as for the cost side of things it cose the nhs more emergency asthma care!

talking to the parmedics and a n e stafff there is no cut backs to care

but i can say the care i got from south east cost amblace and the a n e teams was the best come to think of it i have used over gps before for walk the care there has always bean good so may be my local gps just a bad apple ?

thanks for all your help


asthma now fully under control :)


Hi mat,

Where abouts are you? Sounds like you're maybe in my area as I use south east coastal too.



Glad you are better now Mat - its bad when you are let down by the people who are supposed to be looking out for you.

I agree you should keep looking just to find a gp who is willing to listen and even if they don't have asthma as a specialism its not an issue - when I got referred to the consultant last time for instance he was pretty rubbish - he made me an Action Plan on a scrap of serviette that said - if your peak flow gets to 250 get some prednisolone - well mine needs to get to about 300 and I'm thinking prednisolone - 250 is thinking I might just need to go on the nebuliser in a minute.

Luckily at my doctors surgery most of the docs are really good - its the asthma nurse who's rubbish - it was her fault I'm bad now.

Chin up and hope you get some support!

Matt, I'm so sorry that things had to get so bad before you got a proper examination and appropriate treatment. I hope you're feeling better now.

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