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Can anyone give me advice please?I have been using a Qvar inhaler twice a day now for about 6 mths and Ventolin as req-which has been very rarely.Had A cold about 6 weeks ago and joy oh joy it did not go onto my chest!Hay Fever bad last week so had been on piriton(as pres by doc) and then a cold came up on saturday-fluey aches aswell and a dry cough.By this morning my lungs felt like they would explode and getting breath was tough-saw doc who said my chest was clear of infection by that my lungs were as tight as drums!! So pn Prednisilone for a week-6 a day .Feel so weak and weary and having to use QVAR 4 times day and ventoli nas required for the next 4 days.Anyone any ideas how long I will feel like poop? xx

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Hi Mandy,

I've had exactly the same as you hey fever followed by cold and t 4.30 had to call 999 as breathing suddenly became difficult from all the coughing, my oxygen levels were good but I think that is because I know my Asthma symptoms better than any doctor.

Just back from docs this afternoon told no chest infection (even though I have green phlegm, tight chest and wheezy like a tin whistle) given prednisilone 8 x 5mg per day!!!

Fed up of doctors telling me I have no infection only to find myself at the out of hours doctors been given antibiotics!! So challenged my doctor this afternoon and got a snotty response saying my own doctor knows me better than any out of hours!

I seem to be seeing ooh doctors more and more often .

Hope you feel better soon Mandy.



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