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stroppy lungs...again

So, been back at work a week and 1 day after my last attack and now I'm signed off again with another chest infection.

Went to work today and was only managing half an hour between inhalers, really wish my cons would sort himself out and give me a nebulizer.

I'm soooo fed up of all this roller coaster ride. Attack, time off work, recover, go back to work, get worn out, get ill, attack.

Sorry to winge but I actually cried infront of the Dr today and that's really unlike me, feeling really down and just needed a place to get it out!!!

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Oh no, I do sympathise, I know how frustrating it can be. I've felt similar this week having to have time off and not being able to do things and it must be worse if you seem to just be bouncing from one episode to another.

Try to rest properly so that you can recover as quickly as possible.


awww no, that must be so frustrating! From other posts it seems like your cons blows hot and cold a bit and isn't reliably helpful; has he come up with any suggestions to get you out of this cycle?

I can't remember (sorry) if you've been to a specialist centre yet like Heartlands or the RBH but was wondering if it might be worth raising the subject if your cons feels he can't do anything more. When is your next appt, do you have long to wait? Was just thinking (and I know I wouldn't like doing this) you could ask him straight out what he can do, and if the answer is nothing then ask if anyone else can! Obviously if he has a solution then great, but with admittedly less severe, if bizarre, lungs I've found being a bit of a pain can help lol.

Feel free to vent on here though if it makes you feel better - we've all done it! Hope you feel better soon. xx


Seeing cons on the 12th and I know from our last conversation that he said that if the spiriva didn't work he'd consider a neb.

We'll see what happens.

If he's not helpful or able to give me a few answers (other than its going ti be a challenge), I will ask about RBH as I can't keep going like this.

Thanks as always peeps, as u said I just needed a vent!!


I know exactly how you must be feeling because I've experienced something similar in the past with my previous consultant.

I really do hope things improve for you soon.


Well you must be very tired and frustrated with it all by now, having been so unwell since january is it? It's so frustrating to feel like you're going round in circles. It seems like you'll never get out of the cycle but I'm sure you will. Hope all goes well with the cons appointment. But even if that does go well and you get a neb I'm sure it'd be good to get an RBH referal anayway. A neb might make life a little easier, but RBH might be able to improve things further.

Sending you BIG BIG HUGS. Rest up (as much as you can with the dreaded chest infection). xxx


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