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The great British summer in the North East

Here is a small selection of pictures for you... it's been apocalyptic.

A1 at Dunston - just south of the Metrocentre (which also flooded and was closed, along with IKEA)

Walkergate metro station:

And the best of the lot, check this out, and no, it isn't photoshopped:

I was caught out in it, and so was my cat, Gizmo, who came in soaking wet covered in hailstones and crying :(

To anyone affected, I hope you and yours are safe.

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Yikes! That does not look good in Newcastle? Sunny in the Southwest this afternoon but doubt it will last.

Piglet, hope you and Gizmo are ok now


I hope you haven't been too badly affected by all that and that gizmo has had lots of cuddles and is feeling a bit happier.



Thankfully we're fine, we're on high ground so the water drained away from us. Little gizmo has recovered, poor guy!

We currently have a friend and her baby in the spare room as they couldn't get home thanks to a1 closure. We had to do an emergence spare room clear our at 10.30 so we could get the sofa bed set up for them.

I ended up having an asthma attack when I got home. My body has not been liking the weather, and the run home from the bus stop was the final straw. OH was really worried as if I'd needed it there was no way an ambulance could have made it to me quickly. Luckily the symbicort sorted me out eventually. Chest still painful though :(


oh no Piglet! Glad you've not had too much trouble with the floods but not good re the lungs - hope they're recovering and chest gets less sore. I too have done the 'oops, running not such a good idea' but if it's that wet then hard not to really!


Oh, not good. Hope you're all dried out now and lungs are behaving themselves and that achy chest is easing. Hugs


The lungs are feeling pretty crappy :( I can't breathe anything like deeply without coughing my lungs up. I'm singing at a friend's wedding tomorrow as well :(

That Tyne Bridge picture gets me every time - it was around 3pm when the storm hit and look how dark it is!


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