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Chronic Sinus problems -Goldenseal?

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Hi all,

I am unsure how to post this in the Sinus’ site but they seem to be linked.

I have been experiencing sinus problems for many years, these usually occur following a cold or general illness; I have recently had Covid and have not been right since. Together with this, I have a very gravelly throat/voice and cannot work out if it is the blocked sinus’ causing this.

I am messaging to find out if anyone has tried Goldenseal for sinus infections, if so, what is your experience. I have tried so many products over the years and am fed up with the brain fog and constantly clearing my throat.

Any ideas or advice?

Thank you


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I’m rather prone to sinus issues, and certainly had problems with them after post covid. I’ve never tried Goldenseal, but I was advised to use NeilMed sinus rinse by an ENT consultant last year. I use it on an as and when needed basis only but I’ve found it very effective.

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ElizaBuch in reply to Emaych61

Thank you Emaych61 for taking time to respond. I do use the NeilMed with salt and also Cirticidal through a nettipot but with limited results.

I will give Goldenseal a try and feedback.

Thank you again

I've not tried it myself, but I know someone who has used it for nose & throat problems with great success.

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ElizaBuch in reply to Mandevilla

Hi MandevillaThat’s good to hear! I will be buying some this week and trying it out. Thank you for your response

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Lynneypin in reply to ElizaBuch

Would be really keen to know if it helps you. I have tried everything else over the years. !! I am at the end of my tether with sinus pain and post nasal drip.

I feel like I've tried everything too over the years! I'm so fed up with the Nadal drip and sinus pain and mouth breathing. I've not used goldenseal but if it works please let your fellow sinus sufferers know!! 🤞☺️

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Pipswhips in reply to Oaken_50

I think i tried every striod nasal spray there is cant use drops as the goe straight down my throat and also have nasal drip which goes down my throat and a continus blocked nose at moment back on beconase which i used 2squirts into side of nose ( inside of nose before any funny coments) both sides but still blocked.

Hi Liz,Sorry to hear that you are struggling. I haven't tried Goldenseal but everything else over many years!! Have you had surgery on your sinuses at all? I did and it helped but not cured everything unfortunately, just been put on flixonase nasal drops permanently (I used to use as an emergency only) by my consultant along with a nasal rinse and it has helped immensely.

Best wishes Trent

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ElizaBuch in reply to Modola

Hi Modola, Lynneypin and OakenThank you all for responding. Yes, I had surgery several years ago, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience as they drilled through the sinus bone (I think) they drilled something. It took a while to recover and I still have problems. I cut out dairy, use sinus rinses with the nettipot and citricidal and also nasal sprays.

I am going to order the Goldenseal today and feedback after a week.

Thank you all.

Have you tried using acupressure points? This really helps me, an acupuncturist showed me donkeys years ago and it really helps to relieve pressure. I was treated for migraine after crippling headaches. It was only after a face scan (for jaw injury) that the consultant sent me straight though to ENT consultant. He showed me the completely impacted sinus cavities in forehead & sheets and the very narrow tubes down to nostrils. Had an op in 2007, steroid nasal spray since then. I still use acupressure when I feel it building up. Perhaps see youtube demo, look up 'acupressure points for sinuses'. P

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ElizaBuch in reply to peege

I will watch the video thank you.

I suffered from blocked sinuses for years and was on Beconase all that time. What I didn't realise was that it was a symptom of my aspirin sensitivity (Aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease or Samters Triad). Some asthmatics develop this in adulthood and as there is no screening for it, many patients just assume that they have sinus infection or similar. NB that even though patients don't take aspirin and other NSAIDs symptoms will still exist.

Not every sinus problem in asthmatics is AERD, but it should be considered and ruled out.

I eventually learned how best to use Beconase and stick to a low Omega 6/high Omega 3 diet. Now my sinuses are so good I don't need Beconase on a daily basis and will only start using it if I get a head cold - last time was 2018.

Avoid over the counter decongestants (Otrivine or Sudafed) as regular use can cause more sinus damage and makes symptoms worse.

Great video from NHS ENT consultant on how to use nasal sprays effectively:

Avoid OTC sprays:

Dietary info:

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ElizaBuch in reply to Poobah

That’s really helpful Poobah, I will look at the link later; it’s always good to share experiences and knowledge. I have to say, the Otrivine does seem to be exasperating things.

Hi I suffered from chronic sinusitis for years which I believe was triggered by allergic rhinitis. I also have moderate asthma. Last year I acquired a rescue dog ( I know, not a great decision medically) I was put on Montelukast. This has not only allowed me to live successfully alongside my beloved pooch but ( touch wood ) has all but cleared my sinus issues. I haven't used a steroid nasal spray for months. I believe that it can be prescribed for this purpose too. Hope this helps xx

Wooo thanks for sharing the vids that was very helpful with the Steroids spray. Been on them years. Had a few nasal ops too. I will try doing the point they spray to my ear hehe😉

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