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Travel insurance after ICU admission


I know this has been covered before but I was just wondering if anyone can recommend a good company for travel insurance?

I am going to Orlando and then on a 7 day cruise around the Caribbean for my honeymoon in November but have recently had my first ICU admission and was ventilated.

I have looked at quotes and I can travel without asthma and Addison disease cover but not sure I want to do this even with a portable neb. If I want my two conditions covered it would be around £250 from allclear website but that seems a lot.

Has anyone got experience with this kind of thing is £250 a reasonable price considering my ICU admission?

Thanks for any help


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I think it's always going to be more when America is included, and if you have two conditions which potentially could result in hospital admissions then I'd imagine that will push it up.

I got around £64 from AllClear for my asthma (no admissions and no ICU but on 4 medications, waiting for tests and not always able to walk 200yds on the flat without becoming SOB). This was for just over 2 weeks in America.

Medic Alert also does specialist medical condition travel insurance so they're worth a look - around the same price as AllClear for single trip but less for an annual policy (I paid £116 for an annual policy which is pretty good as another company, GetMy, wanted to charge me £189 single trip).

Some people have had good luck with WorldFirst but I found them quite expensive.

In general I would say you should try looking for specialist companies as they'll probably give you better prices - google travel insurance and asthma? The 'general' ones I looked at were charging me loads, including some that claimed to cover asthma but realistically only mild (no cover if more than 2 meds).

Or you could try your bank - sometimes they do it free and you just pay a bit extra for the medical condition cover.

Good luck - I hope the wedding preparations are going well - sounds very exciting!


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