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Doctor being a pain

I went to see my doctor on monday with a bad chesty cough, short of breath etc and she said that because I have already had a few different courses of antibiotics this year she wouldn't give me anymore until I had done a phlegm sample. I asked if I could have a course to keep at home incase I got worse or wasn't getting any better and she said no, even though my consultant wrote a letter to my surgery requesting that I have a course of antibiotics to keep at home. She also mentioned that because my chest was surprise surprise clear that I didn't need them, even though I can hear all the phlegm on my chest.

I asked how long I should leave it before comming back and she said 2 weeks, which I thought was rather a long time. if I am no better in the next few days will be going back but just really annoyed that she wouldn't give me anything to keep at home even though my consultant requested it.

rant over, hope everyone is doing well


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