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Unhappy with gp

Ive not posted here for a couple of yrs so apologies for my absence.

A brief history, I was diagnosed with asthma after the swine flu out break in sept 2009 though had suspected it for a while. Every year I need steroids and antibiotics several times especially last year while pregnant.

I have just been to the go this morning. I started with a 'normal' cold on Friday which has become worse. I really struggled yesterday and took 2 puffs 4 times a day if my brown told me this was wrong but this is what my asthma nurse advised if I felt my chest getting tight.

I also ended up using my salbutamol via a spacer over night. 10 puffs each time as I was struggling to catch my full breath. My husband was working away and I was alone with 4 children and it's scary.

If ever my chest has been bad I have always been able to talk in full sentences but is always wheezy.

Gp listened to my chest. Said there were no wheezes at all. But crackles to base of my lungs so has prescribed me amoxicillin . I can hear and feel a wheeze. So if she can't hear it what on earth am I hearing and where is it coming from.

She only did my peak flow as I asked her to which was ok at 400 but had been less at home.

I feel no different to how I've felt on all the previous times I've been when I've always been given steroids(not always antibiotics.)and the steroids always make me start to feel better in a few hours.

I'm not particularly happy with this gp, not so much the treatment as I have to trust what she says but more to do with her poor personal skills.

Basically she made me feel like I was making up how I feel and mid managing my so called asthma. Now I may not be managing it correctly but I am managing in the way I was advised by my practise nurse or at least how I think she told me, and I've only been diagnosed for 2.5 years so I'm no expert.

I will be having a review itch the practise nurse to clarify my treatment and management.

I've come away not really knowing what is wrong with me and feel like ive wasted her time.

I'm not really sure what the point of my post is but I'm very confused about this wheeze that she can't hear.

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I think we've all had this conversation with health professionals at some point - we know there's a problem, but are told our chest is clear and there is no wheeze.

I would definitely go to see the nurse about it, or if you'd prefer, another GP. Also, make sure you go back if things do not improve.

Hope you feel better soon x


Thank you for replying piglet.

I was thinking maybe I'm imagining my symptoms(not that I can imagine the wheeze )

I have an appointment next Tuesday with the asthma nurse and if I feel no better tomorrow I'll make an appointment to see another Dr.


Poor you, Tillymint. I saw my own GP today with a pretty similar story/symptoms to yours this morning and while my PF was a little lower than yours and I coughed throughout my appointment, my outcome was different. I have a week's worth of Prednisone and instructions to return ""if I don't feel better."" I commented to her that my asthma had been really well controlled for ages and with a smile she replied, ""Well it isn't now, so let's get it sorted out.""

I suspect a key difference between how satisfied we both feel (or not) with the outcome of our appointments is that I saw my regular GP who's known me for 8 years, who diagnosed me, and who I have been lucky enough to see almost every time I need to see a GP. She knows I only see her if I'm really struggling and because we have a history, she's able to pick up on things and knows what's 'normal' or not for me. Possibly more importantly, to me at least, is that she listens properly and doesn't ever make me feel rushed or silly for going to see her.

If I were unlucky enough not to have a GP in whom I had the utmost faith and confidence, I think I'd have had a much harder time than I have getting the right treatment regime for me and feeling in control of things. I really hope you're able it find a similar person in whom you can have confidence - it may be the nurse in the practice or it may be another GP. Good luck finding that person - and see another doctor if you do feel as though there is still something to diagnose/treat.


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