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Do i need to see a doctor?


I am pretty new to asthma and though diagnosed and have preventer and reliever inhalers - I dont have an action plan.

Easter Sunday, following having a cold, I was on a nebuliser and prescribed steroids and abx and increased preventer inhaler. I spoke to an AUK nurse who suggested that an increased preventer when suffering the cold might have helped. She was very helpful and advised seeing my own asthma nurse or GP but I was unable to get an appointment that week!

I now have another cold and have increased my preventer. My chest is tight and I wheeze a bit on mild exertion, using reliever more too.

Should I try to see a doctor tomorrow do you think?

Any advice will be appreciated,

Thank you


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Hi Caramac, Yes, definitely a good idea to see your GP and go through things with him/her. Hope things improve for you.


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