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home neb machine

Hi, I have a friend with a 9 year old with asthma due to XLP damage to his chest and they need to buy a home neb machine for him for when his chest is really bad.

Recently he had to go into hospital overnight for saline neb which helped but his parents have never been offered advice re buying a machine.

It would be better for him to be treated at home as he had a bone marrow transplant 3 years ago and as you probably know is still at risk of infection so avoiding hospital admission unless really necessary is really important.

Has anyone got a contact number of where one can be bought?

Many thanks for your help


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Hi there I would guess that the family need to discuss this with his doctors and specialist nurses. If they feel he would benifit from a neb at home it would be better for it to be provided by the Trust so they can ensure is is serviced correctly etc.

They may not feel that the neb is the way to go but if the subject is not discussed no one will know.



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