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another discontinued inhaler grrr!!

I wonder if anyone can offer any advice. The salbutamol and Beclamethesone cyclohaler I was happily using has to my annoyance been discontinued, this has happened to me before with the rotahaler. I find using dry powder capsules the best form of medication for me. I have recently started using a seretide accuhaler and was wondering if anyone could reccomend the salbutamol version? or does anyone use any dry capsule inhalers that they could recommend, i have tried the disc version and didn't like it.

Thank you for reading


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Yonks ago I used the salbutmol version of the accuhaler and quite liked it. The only reason I returned to the MDI was because I get through so much of the stuff and would have required about 5 accuhalers as opposed to 2 MDI's.


Easyhaler is a salbutamol sulphate powder inhaler im on it xxx


thank you for your reply, that is my worry as well, on one prescription I had 3 boxes of salbutamol for the cyclohaler which use to last me for ages, the accuhaler has lasted me 5 minutes, could you tell me more about the MDI you mentioned?, thank you


Thank you for your reply Glynis, does the easyhaler have inbuilt capsules or are they seperate?


its a nice inhaler and no capsule. The powder is all in it and got a dose counter on it and comes with a case to keep it in also .you press top down and release the powder in to mouth piece then breath it all in. Its a 200mg. I take 2 puffs as needed and 10-12 puffs as neb. xxx


Discontinued Cyclohaler grrrr

Hi Michelle,

The Aerolizer is very very similar to the Cyclohaler and uses capsules however I don't know if its available in here in the uk? I agree the Rotahaler worked well but used to rattle about if it was in the pocket of jeans or similar! The Acuuhaler is good but is quite large. Hopefully you can find something similar.

Take care



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