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Is anyone elses Asthma bad at the minute?

my asthma is really giving me a tough time at the minute, i dont know if its the cold weather whats doing it or what but ive had 2 attacks within a week, and it hurts! just want to know how everyone elses asthma is at the moment- might give me a bit of reassurance

Thank you

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I am there with you, had a bad attack 4 weeks ago, got a little better then got a chest infection, then another attack and have been stuck indoors ever since as for me the cold is a huge trigger, we can mope together!

take care



I am also going through a rough patch with my asthma which is not helped because I have got a chest infection at the moment


Getting over an admission and chest infection... feel like I have been knocked for 6, coughing, wheezy and absolutely shattered. I think it is the time of year at the moment


Me too - painful chest ect. Son got another cold and he's bad as well!


Yes basically! Everything is setting me off at the moment. Sorry to hear you are struggling too.



joining the club...

you are not alone! Had a chest infection (anti-b's) and steroids to calm the asthma had a week off work change of inhaler..(work getting fed up with me and boyfriend says I need to calm down a bit!!?) back to work last week, had the flu jab tuesday, cold by weds now it's gone to my chest and I'm wheezing again! Maybe I just need to stay calm that will make it all go away ;-) Hope you feel better soon...hope we all do.

Lisa x


Mine's been bad this winter too. I can't leave the house without having an attack, and even mundane things like showering have been triggering attacks.

Hope things improve for everyone soon xx


Same, wheezy and think i have a chest infection coming :( tonight is prob gunna be make or break if lungs can cope! I hate colds!!!


hi, my asthma is realy bad at the moment and getting me down.so worn out x



Yes im going through rough patch, get breathless just going upstairs. Had sore throat and painfull down sides. Finished antibiotics but on prednisolone tabs. I honestly believe its the cold weather causing it. Mind you, i get very breathless and bit wheezy when it gets really hot in summer. I was told by nurse it can be down to central heating on longer. I mean now, not in summer.


my child

does anyones elses child suffer with asthma

my sons 5 and had it since he was 2 he only suffers when he has cold, flu,

but recently hes been quite bad using his blue salbutamol inhaler more than usual

and he uses the dark brown preventer inhaler twice a day

lastnight he had quite a bad turn he had a rapid heart rate altho his breathin was calm and non wheezy his heart was racing like he had ran a marathon

i heard having too much salbutamol or one of the reacions from using it

he also complains that his tummy hurts him when he gets quite wheezy

im just abit confused as my doctors tell me something new everytime

anyone got any advice for me

chriss xx


Yes definately worse at the moment, last week was very icy and cold, this week damp and foggy, you are not alone gets scary doesn't it, i try to calm myself, but its hard sometimes, love to you all xx


My chest is rubbish too. The cold damp weather makes it worse. Haven't really pucked up since my last infection days before Christmas . Chest hurts but relieved by neb thankfully. Hope you pick ip soon x.


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