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Natural remedy for coughs!

Hi, i found a remedy that has made my cough almost go away for 2 hours at a time!! and this has been no easy feat! And its natural too so theres a bonus.

It all started yesterday as i was walking past a shop caled DR and Herbs. A Chinese herbal remedy shop. I asked for a free consultation which took 5 mins, and after which i was recommended acupuncture. The doctor also recommended that I tried a traditional herbal cough medicine called Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, 3 teaspoons three times daily. I took my first lot and didnt cough for ages, I found it really helpful. Plus it has a very pleasant smell and taste. Sort of a mixture between marzipan and dr pepper.

Sorry to sound like an advert but if your struggling with a nasty cough, I would definately give this a try. Not too sure about the acupuncture though!

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Im glad you found something that works wendy but a word of advice to others be carefull and make sure you give a full mediction history as some herbal remedies mix with asthma meds especially theophylinnes, they can increase the levels in your blood and make you toxic. Not meaning to dishearten anyone just saying beware.

Love Andrea xxx


this is very true. And also if you are going to try these alternative products, ensure that the place is licenced!


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