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:)Nearly 18wks pregnant n cold weather making lungs stroppy:(

Hi all not been on here 4 a while. Well Im 17+4 pregnant with my first bundle of joy, all is going okish that way loads off my meds have been stopped so having to live round old problems coming back grrrrr. But now we are heading 4 a cold snap lungs are getting stroppy with the cold winds.

Anyone got any tips apart from scarf

around the face, I wear glasses so find I fog up so not very helpful : !

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Could try nasal breathing but will take a while to get use to it.

Also make sure you use your reliever before going out in the cold even if you feel ok it

will stop you gasping when been out in the cold.

Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy xxx


Congrats on the pregnancy! Have you tried coating your glasses in the anti-fog stuff they sell for swimming goggles? Or coating them in a thin layer of soap or spit! (apparently these all stop them fogging up, can't say I have tried them myself but I keep meaning too).

Take care



learn to breathe through your nose

Congraetulations! After the first trimester it is safe to learn the buteyko method which involves learning to breathe using your nose (in and out exclusively) and to correct the minute volume towards the normal (4-6litres per minute) from the asthmatic range (up to 12-15litres per minute).

If when out and about you breathe through your nose instead it will warm the air for you - its what it is designed to do!. air at 6 degrees will be filtered, moistened for your lungs and warmed to 30degrees by the back of your nose, and 37% before it reaches your lungs. The moisture is trapped when you breathe out through your nose.

If going for a walk breathe only in and out through your nose, slow down or stop if you feel that you need to breathe through your mouth and also do not walk and talk.

Doing this will slow you down a little bit initially but well worth it.

It would help to counteract the old problems returning. Best of luck with it.


Thanks all for your reply I have already been showen how to do nose breathing a while ago. I think I will give the soap on glasses ago me thinks it will be better than spit as Im like a gule factory on over drive that way hehe then I can do scarf over face :)


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