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what should i do?

hi guys, im after a bit of advice - michael is quite breathless today and has a temp of around 38.5. his HR is between 150 - 160 and his resps are about 30. he has a runny nose but he isnt partcularly wheezy or coughing that much. not sure what to do cos i know that if i phone the ward, they will keep him in regardless of how he is. his sats are fine 96-99%. hes ahd calpol but cant take ibuprofen. any suggestions on how to get his temp down? much appreciated folks!

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for a temp, try wetting a sponge or a flannel with cold water and use it as a cold compress, also give him some calpol, call the ward if theres no improvemnt or his symptoms intensify.

i guess thats the best i can suggest


Hi Kirsten,

As regards keeping his temp down - cool sponging, fans etc are good standbys. However from what you are telling me re:resp rate and pulse rate, I would probably get him assessed on the ward to be on the safe side.

Hope he feels better soon!



In terms of bringing temperature down I would think that sponging him town with cool water or giving him a cool bath if he feels up to it should do the trick. Cold compress on the forehead tends to be comforting for a child as well. Sorry if this is state the obvious sort of advice but I unfortunately cannot think about anythink better. Hopefuly calpol will kick in soon (how long is since he had it?)


Can I just ask how old is Michael and what his base line HR and resps are (working with adults when I see HR of 160 I consider it as an alarming state but the values are obviously different for children).


hope everything settles down tho kirstenc *hugs*


his HR is usually butween 100-120 when awake (asleep is between 75-90). and his resps are generally about 25 when well

he is 3. i have sponged him down and gave him calpol at 530pm. he is v grumpy but alert which is good!


Kirsten I hope Michael is starting to respond to calpol and sponging etc. If he still isnt right I would take him for assessment otherwise you will only be awake most of night wondering what to do. I find I do that with Sean and end up wishing I had gone hours ago. I know its a real pain when you think they will prob keep Michael in but if he is ok in morning at least you can be first in queue for discharge!

I am sat here tonight having a similiar dilemia, Sean was discharged form Brompton on thursday night after 8 days of tests and medication changes. He is on several new drugs which appear to be working but today decided to go and play on a hay bale. Now he is sat here blotchy,runny nose and eyes practically closed, his chest is ok but claritin not helped allergic reaction so looks like I may have trip to emdoc lined up, what fun........Not lol

Good luck whatever u decide to do for Michael

Julie xx


hi guys. i took michael to the ward last night when his temp hit 39.5. they gave him extra calpol which of course i couldnt do at home but they allowed me to take him home cos his sats werent too bad. his temp went down overnight but is spiking a little today. im worried he has an infection but were pretty sure it viral so were holding off the antibiotics just now (hes on azithromycin anyway). his HR calmed down also, its still a little high but not as bad (bout 140) hes on 4 hourly nebs and they seem to be doing the trick - ill keep it going for the rest of today, and see how he is tmorrow. thanks for the advice!



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