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Flu Jab

Hello asthma uk,

I was at the doctors today and I realised its that time of year again for the dreaded flu jab. There were posters everywhere and I only realised after sitting in there for 20 minutes :-P. Anyway I know there were alot of nasty reactions last year, I spent the winter (or most of it) in isolation in hospital due to MRSA. I asked for the flu jab and I was told they would rather I didn’t have it due to my suppressed immune system, mainly the fact that I wasn’t well at the time and my consultant wasn't happy with the amount of patients that had been admitted due to falling ill after having the flu jab. They did say I could have it when I was feeling a bit better (I didn't though). I had the added protection of being barrier nursed so I escaped both the flu jab and the flu last year. I was wondering if anybody had had any trouble with it this year? And what your thoughts on it are? I know some years are worse than others. I’m debating whether to have it or not I don't quite fancy getting flu though.

Tks xxxxx

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Helloo TKS,

the only contra indication that I know of is severe egg allergy as most of the vaccines are cultured on hens eggs.

Not sure about severely immunocompromised people though?

Take care




hi tks

tis an interesting one as i've had mixed reactions to them over the years one thing that always frustrates me is my gp never seems to even start giving em until november by which time i usually already had some sorta flu virus :(

one reason i do normally still go ahead and have the flu jab for is the fact that they then can't say if you had had it you wouldn't have ended up so poorly if that makes sense and there's always the hope it will do its job.

sorry probably havent helped much there

take care



If you are running atemeperature or on antibiotics then you should post pone immunisation but otherwise generally best to have even in the immunocompromised.....so not sure- I gave hundreds of vaccines last year with very little problems....can't imagine why the consultatnt would rather his asthma patients were not vaccinated...does not make sense (to me!)


It would make sense if you were one of us immunocomprised that has suffered in the past due to flu jabs, its so easy to tip us over the edge and cautious isnt the word, we want whats best for us without putting petrol in the fire. Our consultants give us advice after years of trials and errors with patients like us its not a decision they take lightly its one of calculated risk and experience.


Just a quick question, were any of your patients severly immunosuppressed? and did you follow up all of your patients?


I have a primary immunodeficiency, so I take daily antibiotics and have in the past been on IVIG. I'm also on long-term steroids, so all round immune system is not in great shape! However, the advice of my immunologist has always been to have the flu jab, even though in my case I probably can't make a response to it anyway. Live vaccines are very dangerous for the severely immunocompromised, but the flu jab is not live so in theory should be safe.

Each to their own, however.


p.s. Agree - jab always given far too late in any case!


Ok I didn't mean for this to become an argument! I asked for the Flu Jab last year and was told I couldn't have it. My consultant wasn't happy with the amount of his patients that had become unwell after having it. I was ok with this as hes a top uk specialist and knows what hes talking about. I watched one of my friends (andrea you know ali?) become really ill because of it. I'm not saying everyone gets unwell after having it, I've only ever had a problem with it once but at that time last year I was told no. Anything was tipping me over the edge last year I think if I'd of had the flu jab I wouldn't of got home for christmas. For most the best advice is to go and have it all I was wondering was what others had been told by their drs.

tks xxxx


Didnt mean to sound like it starting an argument just wanted to point out not all docs have same opinions and that is why you should go with your doc rather than against because of what someone else says. Like weve said in the past to other asthma related probs this site is for support and as were all too aware each person is individual in their needs. So go with what your own doc says, that why you see them.


This is very intersting seeing how flu jabs affect others.. Sean has had the jab every year since he was 3, every year within one week of the jab he has ended up in costa. Every year I am told it is coincidence, which obviously after 7 years i know isnt true. I am concerned this year as apart from the steriods he is now on cyclosporin which is immune suppresant so need to check if he should have it or not. I did speak to local asthma nurse last year, she said Sean getting flu could be very dangerous so its less risk to have jab and end up in costa. I couldnt quite understand that logic cos a splat is a splat to me regardless if caused by flu or flu jab isnt it?


In theory Julie a splat caused by the flu jab shouldnt be as bad as if the underlying cause was flu, but as said before whe are not txt book so a would discuss with th RBH hunny.

Andrea xx


flu jags are likely to be delayed in lots of places again this year - was seeing on the doctors site I post on that lot sof places have been told they wont have for another month or so.

It is important that we differentiate between bad 'flu-like' colds and real flu - the jag only protects against real flu, so you will still get fluy bugs, which are probably what most folk are getting before they get the vaccine.

In some people it will cause a reaction, but I suppose if the splat is not too bad it is better than waht real flu would cause - wwhich is likely to be really big splattedness.

It is always a difficult decision - I have reacted to some of the vaccines and not others, usually quite quickly after - so speak to the folk responsible for your care if you aren't sure whether to have it or not.



I have my asthma check 2moro wonder if I will get collared again for the flu jab. We usually get offered it at work too but i haven't sen any notice about it yet this year.


just been booked in for mine but it not till the middle of november oh well lets hope don't get the flu then


Doesnt it make you laugh!! they say book early but when you try you cant get an appt till mid nov? GPs need to start booking people in earlier but there again this isnt possible if they have no vacines to give?

Come on government sort it out!!


Hi all i did a search yesterday will early this am and found some info about why jab is late. They normally start desiding which flu will be on it's way in April. So it can be made up in time for sep-oct to give to us. But this year they had problems with one of the strans so had to restart making them again in June so now very behind. Some clinics might not get enough jabs til Dec. More to come just doing search again manchestereveningnews.co.uk... If u have any problems entering this site then just type nhs flu jabs in ur browser coz that how i found this. Sorry if it worrys people but it is nice to know why the problems happened

LOL smiler


Flu Jab


I am in the same boat as the rest of u guys and gals.

I had flu Jab last year, and ten minutes after having it I went in 2 SVT. That is the heart condition that Tony Blair had.

Also was bad for the rest of the winter. missed college for six months and as a result had to leave.

So not to keen on the idea this year. I am supposed to have it next Monday. I only have a peak flow of 180 at the minute so I might be harbouring some kind of bug. any way must go now take care and keep well. from Helen

Ps let me know what others think.


Sharon, mid Nov is earliest appt my GP could give me too!

I've not had serious problems with flu jab before, feeling ill for about a week is as much as it's got so far, so guess I'm really fortunate!


I am booked in for middle of October, so hopefully will get it.

Never had a problem with flu jab but had nasty reaction to pneumonia and ended up off work for 10 days


flu jab and antibiotics

Being on antibiotics is not a contraindication for having the flu jab....running a fever yes...


hi,everyone,i like you cant seem to get the jab,till at least early nov,but my nephew and girlfriend who are slight asthmatics have both had their this week,what happened to them giving the worst first.? its not right.ive had it for 6 yrs now,been ok,but had pneumonia after the very first one.hope its of help to you all.


Well i cant get Sean's jab until end November. I questioned why the long wait, I was told by receptionist that people who were priority were written to so obviously my son doesnt fit criteria! I pionted out through gritted teeth that he was a severe asthmatic on 11 diff meds a day including sub cut and immune suppresants so how is he not priority. I got the usual well theres nothing I can do attitude from receptionist. So now ive gone from unsure if Sean should have it to ranting that he has to wait, no pleasing some peopleis there lol


Julie is it worth mentioning this to RBH or seans cons to see if you can get it sooner at the hosp or if his asthma nurse can phone your GP and explain that hes priority?

I was at a different GP last week and a older lady came in to book hers and the receptionist said theres was a prob with suppliers and explained when they come in thay will first be given to priority cases, the lady quickly jumped in that she had heart disease and her husband was a diabetic!! the receptionist was fab and explained that yes she filled the criteria but as was stable there would be people more needy b4 her!! she was fab but the lady didnt like it!!


Julie so sorry to hear that, my surgery is very good and classes me as a priority.

Does any one know if you can still have the jab if you have a cold?


Hi Julie it might be worth speaking to either the practice nurse or one of the GPs cos they will probably have a different view of it than the receptionist. The receptionist probably doesn't know enough to think outside the box.

Wanda - yes you can have it when you have a cold but you are more likely to feel a bit yucky after so might be worth postponing. Unless like me last winter you have constant colds.


Thanks Owl,

Saw asthma nurse today and its been decided I am not well enough to recieve flu jab got to wait till next week.



had a look in my local health centre window and notice saying that our supply of flu vaccine wont be arriving till early december!!!...good grief!! anyone out there know when the flu bug usually starts biting?????


same...none available till mid december


ive been booked in for mine but it still isnt till the 24th of november


I'm having my flu jab tomorrow and the children on tuesday but I'm abit aprehensive about having it because I always become very Ill ather with flu and heavy cold but my cons say I must have it to keep out of hossie not that it always works



When I was first diagnossed a few years ago I had the flu jab and within a week I fell ill with what I could only describe as the flu it was hurrendous I couldnt breath as the chest went made on infection I couldnt do anything for myself.

Since then I have been not having the flu jab I supose oncebitten twice shy as they say. I have been relying on a healthy diet and have been fine only the odd cold.

I spoke to somebody the other day about it and they said perhaps we rely on to much on drugs so we dont catch anything so the immune system gets lazy and when it comes across with a bug/virus it doesnt know what to do.

Well I can see his point about it but I am in to minds of whether this is true or not

Giggles x


For many years I refused the flu jab despite being offered it by GP and at work but last October I gave in to the pressure from the GP and husband and had one for the first time (I had had a really bad previous 12 months). Other people at work seemed to react to the innoculation and had time off work but I sailed through it and actually had the best Winter I have had for as far back as I can remember - no flu / colds or chestinfections. I dont believe this was because we had a mild Winter because that would normally mean there are more bugs around. I was at the GP's yesterday and actually asked when it would be available for me (wanted to get my name on the list early) and i was given one there and then. My arm is a little more tender than last year and I have some swelling around the needle site but apart from that feel fine. I would recommend having one but only if you are fit at the time ie I would be wary of accepting one if I had a signs of a colds / virus etc then thats me


Dont want to put people off so read on. I had my jab on Tuesday - was feeling like I was coming down with something then but the nurse said it didn't matter.

Anyway, Tuesday night I ended up with a really sore throat & worse still massive coughing fit & really achy muscles over my whole body. Going all hot & cold so had to have yesterday off work which wasn't nice.

Today though I'm fine (apart from sore arm) & feel better than I did before the jab - weird! Defo have it - better than flu!


When i saw my cons this morning i asked her if i should still have the jab as i had a slight reaction to it last year but she said i should have it no matter what as the consequences of getting flu could be catastrophic for me.

I am obviously a bit worried about it but i would rather feel off for a few days than face being on ICU again without it.



I have an egg allergy so was told not to have the flu jab. Advised to have a jab for pnemonia when i am feeling well. Not heard of that before. Has anybody else


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