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Salbutamol Nebulisers in the fridge??


I got some more nebulisers today as I do every couple of weeks. These ones are made by a company called 'Breath'. The pharmacist told me when I collected them they have to be stored in the fridge. I've never heard of this before, nebulisers in fridges?! Has anyone been told to do this before?? I read the information slip and it doesn't say anything about storing them in the fridge just that they have to be stored below 25'c. I don't know if its anything to do with the packaging, they are in a long foil wrapper that says ’do not open the foil outer packaging until nebulisers are needed’ would of thought storing nebulisers in fridges is not very clever seen as they tell us not to exercise on cold mornings and if we have to go out in the cold to wear a scarf over our mouths! Its not very practical for me either, I tend to be worse at night and I can't go downstairs and get a neb from the fridge in the middle of an attack!

tks xxxxx

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Wierd, my friend used to keep her inhaler in the fridge for some reason I never fathomed. Take em back and demand your ""normal"" brand of nbebules.



I have loads of them-and they're totally normal!

TKS...Hi there hun, good to talk to you.

Ne Panic Pas!

I have had a truck loads of ""breath"" Nebs recently. Currently got the Salbutamol 5mg ones and the Saline ones. Only seem to get Branded Atrovent these days.

I like them as they are less stiff to tear off and open when you are all shakey and a bit desperado!

I have never been told to put them in the fridge.

I keep them in any pocket, drawer, cupboard, you name it. Huge box by side of bed, that sort of thing, but not fridge!

But I wouldn't leave them on the kitchen counter to cook under the little under cupbaord strip lights, for instance!

PS: Way before yout time, like 20 years ago Ventolin nebs were advised to be refridgerated. Obviously they have changed the recipe and they are more long life!

Hugs to you,

Sus xxxx


I've had this before with *Imported Generic Nebs* when I was on Salbutamol nebs !!

But unless the room you keep them is gets hotter than 25°c then no fridge needed !!

I have one those baby room type wall thermometers and in my living room where everything is kept and 25°c would be FAR too hot for a baby so I doubt you would have it over 25°c anyway !!

But if you do have a problem with generic brands not suiting you then you can TRY (I say try as some GP's may refuse) to get your GP to specifically prescribed VENTOLIN nebulisers on the prescription !!

I had to get that done as chemist kept giving me different makes and I reacted to an additive in one or more of the makes !!

As if it specifically says VENTOLIN and not salbutamol the chemist should NOT give you anything but ventolin that way !!

But some GP's are very funny about prescribing branded medications and I know I am very lucky in the fact my GP asks me if I want branded or generic when meds are added or altered for me !!


You are supposed to keep them in the fridge but i dont as long as they are not sat in direct sunlight they will be fine.

patient leaflet says:


6.4 Special precautions for storage

Ventolin Nebules should be stored below 30°C. The Nebules should be protected from light after removal from the foil tray.


Unless you like your rooms VERY hot then there very little chance of the room temp ever getting above 25°c!

And so the nebs DON'T need to be kept in a fridge!

They can be stored ANYWHERE that doesn't get over 25°c!

IF you room temps are over 25°c then find somewhere cooler to store them!


I don't store mine in the fridge, although I would think on Ascension Island mine got a little cooked as It was 25-30 degrees all the time.

( reminder to self - check epipens are OK after heat!)

I used to keep some in the glove compartment of the car btut have since realised they get very warm there!

I always go to boots to get my nebs as they only do the A&H ones - not keen on the other brands I have had as more difficult to get into!




I never normally keep my nebs in a fridge however when i was at school the school nurse always kept them in a fridge and old me i was supposed to aswell. not sure why though. i never normally do and ahve not been told to either. i dont think they do in hossies either.

hope you find out soon.

take care



Nebs not kept in fridge anywhere i have worked or been as patient. In my A&E they are kept in those boxes on wall for Drs nurses and some patients to grab handful as they go past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just picked up a new script for nebs from the drs and they are made by ivax and they say on the pack do not refridgerate.



I think i willl be keeping my nebs plus my Fragmin in the fridge on hols as i have looked at the temp for where i will be in France and its due to hit 34 degrees on saturday.

Do you think i should let them warm up a bit before using them, i certainly will with the fragmin!!


Hops i did keep mine in fridge in Spain last year as it was hotin every room. I also bought one of those little sandwhich cool bags with a cool pack and carried that round for beach, pool etc. Hope you have nice hol am off soon too! To Spain just hope my chest clears soon!


I agree with Bowmei

Have to say in Calif in summer in particular I do tend to bung sme nebs in a fridge before taking outside into extreme heat. I also have a small cool bag and generally pack an ice block as Bowmei suggests. Plus, we usually put baby omron and digital camera in the same bag as don't think they like the heat either.

Think it was Kate who said be careful with epipens in glove compartment of car....

I have exploded a few in my time so have to agree with her there! Therefore also keep epipens etc in cool bag with nebbie bits!


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