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Very Fed up

I hate registrars with a deadly hate now. why do you have to wheeze to be taken seriously by them. Had appt with cons today but hes away at mo so saw new registrar. Breathing not good today as walked to hospital from across rd after doing 2 visits in work. Had gynae appt 1st and they said I can have cyst removed friday. Then had 2 wait 2 hrs for chest clinic as they were running late. Spirometry was lowest I have ever done which would fit with how am feeling. Saw registrar who did pf cause very breathless and it was 370 on old scale which is 313 which is not brill when only used ventolin 3/4 hr b4. he then did sats which he said were normal. he recons that I am hyperventerlating. I said chest was tight he said was it tighht now I said yes but don't think he beieved me. He has therefore decided to admit me for further tests as he is not convinced it is all asthma. He didn't even bother that over last month 86% of PF's been in yellow and seritide on top dose and only used ventolin about 3/4 hr b4 seen.

Am now awaoiting a phone call to tell me their is a bed for me. Am not impressed at all. Sorry for moan but feel let down again. Only time I felt I actually got anywhere was when I saw cons and asthma nurse.



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Hi katherine maybe its a positive thing being admitted, because at least you will hopefully get sorted out and get on top of probs.Once you're in there stand your ground and refuse to leave unless you are completly happy. Good Luck love Nikki xx


Good luck, hugs and prayers coming your way katherine. I know how you feel my cons reg has asked everytime shes seen me without the cons when am i going home even when cons said stay on ivs for at least another week!! she has really meesed my head up this admittion!!

Anyway just remember reg, shos and ho come and go, the main people your cons and asthma nurse believe you so just concentrate on them and with any luck that reg may be moving on in a few weeks when they rotate!

Love Andrea xxx


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