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Just after names of meds that can work on mucus in my airways,

I get constant mucus 24/7 and wont cough up.

I have just finished a course of pred and a few amoxillin left.

My PF is hitting 550 so really happy about that but I still feel like my airways are not

working as good as lungs are full of mucus and constantly swallowing it.

I see my asthma nurse on monday and she is thinking of adding spervia but as my

Pf is realy good at the moment I think its the mucus thats causing the problems.

So was just after names of meds for mucus to google up so can ask my asthma nurse on monday.

love Glynis

edit-taking easyhaler salbutamol,sertide,singulair and slophyllin

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Hi Glynis,

theres a thing called a flicker, cant remember where i saw it but it might help you. You blow into sort of pipe and a kinda ball bearing vibrates in the case and depending how you hold it you feel the vibration in the throat or chest you can actually feel the gunk loosening up. Within about 5 mins i had loads of gunk come up, and i never bring gunk up even with antibiotics. I was really impressed with it, i don't know if anyone else has seen or used one. I can tell you they are expensive at about £35, but it really works. You could try inhalation- hot water in bathroom and towel over your head, but do becareful with this a some people say asthmatics should'nt do it. Another one is go shut yourself in a steamy bathroom.

Hope this helps , take care



The device wolfspirit mentioned is actually called 'Flutter' not 'Flicker'. I only found out because I googled 'get rid of phlegm' (I couldnt find 'Flicker Device') and found 'Flutter'. The search came up with some other interesting suggestions, including steam inhalations. 'Flutter' is available from Evergreen (I brought our portable nebuliser from them) at £45. I didnt check any other web sites so it maybe cheaper from another seller.

As a severe asthmatic child in 1960s I was often given 'postural drainage' by my mum and in hospital. Basically I lay on my tummy over the side of the bed (head nearly on floor) and in hospital I was on a tilted bed, and my back was banged for about 15 minutes (with side of the hands). This was done daily, sometimes twice a day. I hated it as you can imagine, but it worked, in that I always brought up phlegm. I wonder if that's still done anywhere?


I too was wondering if there was a way to get my daughters chest clear of phlegm.

Id been told of the tapping on sides and back (as used in CF cases). Apparently I had it used on me when I was little to good effect.

Id like to be taught it but not sure where either.

Hope you get some relief from this soon.x


I've just googled 'postural drainage' and it is still used for respiratory problems. There are videos showing the technique. It's worth a look.


thankyou everyone ,

will google them up as the mucus as always been a problem for me.

Red up aswell about singulair im taking and that had suppose to help as well

so hope it will when built up in my system xxxx


googled up a flutter,

Looks realy interesting and read up about it.

never herd of them before so might be worth getting one if asthma nurse carnt

help me sort out my problem with mucus, xxx



sorry i got the name wrong but luckily you knew what i was going on about. You might even get it cheaper cos you can sign yourself as having asthma without gp letter and claim the lower price, its certainly worth a try. I don't know if you can get one on prescription as i bought mine myself but you could ask your nurse. Also you could use the other methods mentioned, you just have to find a method that suits you.

Hope you manage to clear your chest



Just wondered whether you could ask the chest physios for some advice? I think they can teach you techniques to help cough it up without irritating your airways (I know they use these techniques for people with CF).

I've always been quite good at getting rid of my phlegm but I can't really explain how- except a warm steamy bathroom and breathing/coughing in a certain way.

Apparently surfing is extremely good (not that it is a realistic suggestion)!!

Hope you get it sorted.

Take care



Hi loved bryonys surfing option - but i suppose it depends on where you live lol. But if you can get to the coast ,the air is very good for you even if not surfing. I live near london, but try to escape to the beach as much as poss, and within about 5 mins of getting there my breathing is so much easier.Its better than nebulisers, gps,consultant and asthma nurse said i should move to the coast. This is not really an option we can consider at the moment. Glynis you could ask your gp if he/she will refer you to a physio, they can teach you some exercises to help you.




will ask the asthma nurse about physio its worth a try monday.

Would love live by the sea .

love Glynis xxx


hi, i take carbocisteine. it works well for me..........copied this (below) off the net for you x

Carbocisteine is a mucolytic medicine which breaks down some of the chemical bonds in mucus. This makes the mucus less thick and sticky (viscous) and thus easier to cough up.Medicines that make mucus less viscous are useful in chest problems such as bronchitis, asthma and cystic fibrosis. They can also be used in other conditions characterised by excessive viscous mucus, including suppurative otitis media (""glue ear"") and chronic obstructive airways disease. They can be inhaled or taken orally


oh meant to add i get my carbocisteine on prescription works great for me when ive had a chest infection or when ive had days of attacks....worth a try for you maybe x


oh meant to add i get my carbocisteine on prescription works great for me when ive had a chest infection or when ive had days of attacks....worth a try for you maybe x


thanks jay39,

will ask nurse for it lol xxx


Flutter came today so will keep you posted If it does work on shifting mucus from

lungs , xxxx


The flutter is supposed to be really good. I remember my grandad using it for his asthma years ago. Also the steam, as mentioned, works wonders!

I always prefer these methods to meds(we take enough as it is)

Being a physio myself I learned the ""tapotements"" myself which is the tapping on the back to loosen up phlegm. Ask to be referred to a physio, glynis and they can treat you and also bring your hubby along for him to learn how it's done;-)

I'm sure it would give you some relieve.

Let us know how you're getting on with the flutter:-)

love Lydia xx


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