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im off to see my asthma consultant tomorrow so hope alters meds or neb as on daily pred.Hope all goes well and helps me.Just hope can hold back the tears x up date added bellow x


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Good luck!

I hope it goes well for you.


Good luck for tomorrow Glynis, I will be thinking of you.

Thanks fingers crossed x

good luck and there is worse things than tears, so let them fall.


Good luck. Hope to get some answers, and find a treatment combination that works.

Thanks. Wrote my meds down so hope all goes

Hope your appointment goes well. Don't worry about the tears, it happens to the best of us and sometimes you've just got to let it out.

hun, tears will fall regardless of outcome :) xx

Hope all goes well & dont worry about crying if you need to. Please let us know how it goes. Thinking of you.

Love & hugs


Thanks everyone will keep you posted when get home xxx go at 3,30 today xxx

Remember not to run there lol

......and hope everything goes well

Thanks, going on my own today so can have a chat and no hubby stressing me out telling me what to

say when he knows naff all about asthma xxx

at least your hubby cares!my ex wouldn't let me call an ambulance or go to a+e last september as it was inconvenient.3 days later he relented when my boys started on him.He shouted at me all the way there.10 mins later went under on oxygen and nebs.Lucky to still be here.Whatever they put in my veins saved my life.Now I'm well happy and the asthma may not of gone but someone else did!even better :D

you sound like you have a good hubby Glynis x

Hi Glynis,

Hope the consultant appointment went OK and that they have managed to help you


UP DATE., consultant said my ieg last year was ok for cat and dog but showed i am prone to allergy. Going do skin prick test when send for me and bloods for theophline level to see if can double it. Got reduce pred 1mg a week and monitor pf while reduction but to increase it if probs but try 10 puffs of blue every 3-4 hours aday for a day or so if that helps before pred go back in 3 then would have had tests and results.

Hi Glynis,

That sounds like you have a good plan.

Have you been given 1mg Pred tablets? I've been trying to drop with 5mg tablets and I'm back up to 40mg again - sooo cross.

hi ratty ,got a letter give doc to give me 1mgs. Then can have 40 mg if bad a week but just got see if taking 10Puffs of blue longer a few days will be better than probs pred cause. No big med change as said on excellent stuff. Just reliever and maybe slophyllin when bloods back x


my consultants asthma nurse just rang be about my blood tests and she has upped my Slophyllin tablets

and see her in next few weeks for allergy skin prick tests then my consultant 3months time x

Hope the Slophyllin dose increase helps and that you're allergy tests yield something useful. How's the pred reduction going?

im off it now as 1mg would take ages and stopped a higher dose before so got 2 boxes 60 tabs of 1mg added to 2 box of 5mg .

Did have a splat tuesday in the night xxx

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