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walk in centre

Today I had a bad attack and had go to the walk in centre as was near by it.

The doc sounded my chest and said was very weezy and put me back on pred.

she asked me how much salbutamol I had had to relieve it ,I said 8/10 puffs ,she told me

never take more than 3 as it would just make me shakey and wouldnt work any better and give me pred.

My husband and me were confused as our own doctor and my asthma nurse and the AnE said could

take 10/12 puffs of my easyhaler 200 as a neb when got in to diffaculties till got help.

It was a elderly doc but as she said dont take more than 3 puffs it would be like giving an

asmatic just 3 mouthfulls of air and no way enough to help a big asthma attack like today.

What are your views on this matter ? xxxx

edit- asthma still bad and breathing not good but will go the AnE If doesnt settle to go on nebs xxx

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The current thing is 10 resue puffs or your inhaler so ignore him.....


I take as much as I feel I need. Salbutamol nebulised is much more stronger than the average dose too. When I'm really bad, I can have up to half a can of ventolin before I get to the hospital! x


I quite often have a number of nebs before I get to hospital.... yes I get the shakes but hey they go!


only went AnE 3 weeks ago on nebs and tests and pred and amoxillin.

also on nebs at asthma nurse appointment as had attack their last week and pred.

then neb ten days ago at walk in centre and pred .

wish could have a home neb, xxx


Stick with what your GP and asthma nurse say, they know you and your asthma better than the doctor in the walk in clinic, and the 10 puff thing is widely used in asthma attacks in the absence of a nebuliser. Studies have shown that 10 puffs of salbutamol 100mcg per puff using an MDI and a large volume spacer repeated at 10-20minute intervals is effective in severe acute asthma (I'm pretty sure somewhere said as effective as salbutamol 2.5mg nebs but I can't remember the reference to check).

The clinic doctor may be thinking of some old guidelines, An old BNF I have says 4-6 puffs of salbutamol 100mcg MDI using a large volume spacer, so I guess this would be equivalent to 2-3 puffs of your 200mcg easyhaler. She's right in that high doses can make you shakey, but I'd rather be alive with a case of the shakes than dead!

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Thankyou everyone,

realy need lots of reliever today and hope pred kicks in soon.

got a big night out tomorrow a 40th birthday 28 of us going,

so realy hope feel better to go as at the moment to puffed to walk and talk xxx

will go AnE IF not settling for nebs,was there 3 weeks ago and bloods ,xrays and pred and

amoxillin xxx


Hi glynis,

sorry to hear you've had a bad day:-(

I think, judging to the many different opinions on this topic, it really depends on your circumstances. Usually I only take 1 puff of salbutamol but that is when I have mild symptoms. When i get a sudden attack I take a few puffs through spacer but my asthma nurse says a few puffs taken at once won't make much difference as they just stick together.

Me being an uncontrolled brittle asthmatic atvthe moment wa told to take one puff every minute and to call 999 if 3 puffs not given me the wanted relieve...

When it comes to the 3 minute mark though I go on the neb first though and see if that helps first...

I guess we're all different and we have to judge what is best in each situation.

Hope you feel better soon.

Love and hugs Lydia xx


Hey Glynis, sorry to hear what happened, hope you are starting to feel better.

The advice is generally to take up to 10 puffs of Salbutamol via a spacer ideally and if that does not work to seek medical attention. 10 puffs is meant to be equivalent to 1 neb. Do you have a ventolin inhaler and spacer?

I haven't been to the Walk In Centre in a long time for my Asthma maybe 5 years now but at the time they'd give me one neb and if that was not working they'd give me a second one and send me to the children's ward (I was under 16) things are now different in that I have home nebs etc so going to the Walk In Centre would be a pointless exercise for me if they were not working so I'd call an ambulance etc. Going to the Walk In Centre in the past I have found difficult when going there with an acute attack, sometimes they were very efficient and would set up IV access before the paramedics came, other times they'd run around like headless chickens because my ""sats were virtually nonexistent"" and didn't have a clue what to do which was a bit scary.

Just remember the paramedics would rather see you when you're less unwell than when you're seriously unwell, so if those 10 puffs of salbutamol are not helping please don't hesitate to call an ambulance - people call out ambulances for silly things, an asthma attack that is not responding to salbutamol is a legitamate reason to call an ambulance if nothing just to be checked over to see if you need to be assessed and treated in A&E.

take care, simi xx



dont have a spacer as got a easyhaler but works well.

I di the right thing taking all that med but the doc at the walkin centre said not to.

last time they put me on a neb also and gave me pred.

AS only across the road from it while out shpoping went their but think next time go

AnE and put me on nebs usualy have 2 back to back and sent home with pred etc.

Was only 3 weeks a go I went there with asthma attack had nebs and pred and antibiotics and had lots of tests and bloods picked up kidney peroblem and

had to have a scan and more tests and taken off one of my meds but all worked out they are ok xxx


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