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back in to hospital with breathing problems .Thankyou asthma uk members who gave me advise x

got admitted sunday with breathing probs and the blood test they did was high and told got a clot in lungs again.had scan and injections.The scan was ok but oxegen levels down and hart rate to fill in a peak flow chart.I am back at home now and got to have a heart valve test for bluish lips and a full asthma test and respotary alegen tests. Thankyou for the advice from asthma uk members x

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Hi Glynis,

Sorry to hear you're in hospital! It sounds like you're in the right place though and that they're taking good care of you. Hope they sort out soon what's your heart and what's your lungs.




Sorry about the hospital stay, but maybe now you can get the treatment that you deserve and get this sorted.

Take care, and get well soon.



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