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Found and interesting (and FREE) tracks weather patterns and emails subscribers when the weather is more likely to trigger certain illnesses like asthma and arthritis. I can tell you that the three migraine alerts I've received since subscribing are bang on. They also warn against heart disease and diabetes. For anyone suffering from these problems I highly suggest you take a visit and sign up...

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Alan, thanks for this suggestion,

Logged onto this and found the last months alerts for asthma coincided with me having a bit of a rough time of it - interesting. Will keep an eye and see if it continues.


Looked up the site and registered for the service. This might explain the days when my husband (diabetes) and me (asthma and joints) get fractious and anxious at nothing much.

For instance, last night I kept snapping at everyone for no real reason. This morning, my legs feel cold and achey. Going to look at barometer in the hall. ..................

Yup. Its moved to Change in a Cold and Wet direction. Keeping a weather eye on this and trying desperately hard not to snap at everyone. 8)


i have registered to give it a try, accept i dont know how you get it to text you, it says it only does email. I already know my main trigger is the weather, because last week my chest was happy, last few days it gone grumpy again.



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