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zirtek and piriteeze any difference?

hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me if there are any difference between zirtek and piriteeze i know their both cetirizine 10mg, but i normally take piriteeze as i'm allergic to piriton and my asthma nurse told me to take 2 zirtek tabs if the piriteeze didn't stop the hayfever and if it's the one a day tablets can i take 2 of them cos i don't want to overdose self.

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They are both the same.

You can take 2 a day on advice from Dr I used to!


Cheers bizkid,

thats what i thought, but the way the nurse told me it sounded like it was ""stronger"" than the piriteeze and would be much better for me to use.



Same stuff different brand!

They both have 10mg of Cetirizine in!

Piriton (C) probably sell it as a non-drowzy alternative to piriton.

You can buy Cetirizine Over the counter and also in discount stores at a much cheaper price.

Therefore no difference apart from price!

I would check about the double dose with your GP just to be sure.



(a) Zirtek Allergy relief, (b) Cetirizine and (c) Loratadine side effects!!!

I have been using 10mg Zirtek allergy relief for over 30 years!

(a0 is not available any more and was told very expensive to NHS. Asked to try (b) did not help. Then five weeks ago was asked to try (c) , I have noticed a lot of side effects to a point beginning to feel depressed!!!

Did Google research, one lady wrote have lost all her friends because of here depressed behaviour!

MY GP did not mention about any side effect on the medication (c).

I have a GP appointment on 6th September. I would appreciated if any one give their views on side effects. Thanks.

Is the story about long term use of allergy medication and dementia true? This is because I wanted to take part in dementia research, all OK, until we went on to medication is use!

Once I mentioned (c), that was it not suitable for research!


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