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im new to all this

im new to all this i had a job working with superglue after work in the fresh hair i used to cough all the way home i went to my gp who told me it was cough variant asthma and gave me a blue inhaler ventolin 2 puffs twice a day also i was told to fill in a graph after using the blowing thing (there i told you i was new)then one night i ended up at the a & e dept beacause i could not get m breath x ray blood tests showed nothing hospital said if it happenend again they would do further tests and give me a steroid inhaler which i did not really want i went back and told my doctor of this attack he said lets go the hospital way and gave me a steroid inhaler (a red one) 2 puffs twice a day things improved but still felt tight chested at work any way gave up job went driving and decided to go back to blue inhaler twice a day and cut out steroid i have also been told i have post nasel drip which my doctor does not seem to want to want to help but i think post nasel drip is causing a cough as well what do you guys think and how can i get doc to treat both and not just blame asthma for my coughing and one final question will i ever be able to stop my inhalers or is that it now help

thanks guys i have found this site a real help paul


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