Fed up!

Feeling a bit down and generally fed up at the moment. Keep picking up colds which have made asthma worse lately; not to the point of emergency but just nagging symptoms which won't go away and have begun to get me down. Gave in and made appointment with GP. On antibiotics and had inhalers increased. Nothing major, just usual winter troubles I suppose. I know there are people far worse off than me and I probably shouldn't moan. It's just hard to talk to family - no-one asthmatic so they don't really understand - not their fault. Anyway, moan over, must pick self up and try to enjoy the festive season I guess! Hope everyone else keeping as well as possible and cold weather not being too problematic. x

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  • You have my sympathy! I hate those nagging symptoms, my asthma loves doing that and annoying me day in day out (like you say it could be worse but this variety is no fun either.)

    I hope the antibiotics and increased inhalers do something and you're able to enjoy Christmas. Have a good one if you can! xx

  • The nagging symptoms can be a nightmare. Especially when you can 'look well on the outside'; its really hard to explain what its like on the inside. I get little support at home; all I get is you are going end up in hospital again you are! Lol a bit of help would be nice so I can rest. The other half is panicking more as it means he'd have to look after the kids. Hmmmmm

  • Thanks for your replies. Nagging symptoms are really frustrating, but it's definitely harder to deal with when can't really talk to family. Does feel a bit lonely sometimes, not that I'd wish this on anyone else, just would be easier if they understood. Anyway, hope you both manage to enjoy Christmas and try to stay as well as possible. x

  • although i do have very severe asthma (icu trips etc) i sometimes think that periods of nagging annoying but non urgent symptoms are worse than the life threatening ones...also its normal to feel down when going from good to bad no matter what the good and the bad might specifically be...i do hope you feel better soon and manage to enjoy christmas! feel free to moan or pm me...

  • Thanks hannahrose. Doing better now, antibiotics seem to be working. Hope you're ok too. xx

  • sorry you feeling rough , i know how you feeling i seem to have caught a cold then not able to shake it off, and feel people around get sick of talking about asthma probs but we all here so can let the empotions go on here, hope u get better soon x

  • Glad you're feeling better Shy1. Hope you had a good Christmas? And Rose/Pam, hope you did also?

  • message back to philomela - had a good xmas was only off that day then back to work, worst thing was taking the tree down today having an allergy to dust doesnt help :-( x

  • re Philomela: i dont consider this years christmas to be a good one, but anyway, done now. trying to prepare for uni exams starting tuesday (what a joke!...)

    hope everyone else is doing ok, have a good ne year!

    Rose xx

  • Aww no Rose, I am really sorry to hear that but I guess not surprised given all the things you've had going on. I hope the new year is a bit better for you and the exams are ok.

    Pam glad you had a good one even if the day was short! Hope you've got over the Christmas tree now.

  • It might be New Year's Day but it seems my lungs have decided to continue the same way they did in 2011 tight chest SOB and wheezing. Have just nebbed so hopefully things will improve soon

    Just fed up and needed to have a little moan

  • I hope youre feeling better soon asthmagirl. i am now in ""panic mode"" for all the ""revision"" (read, looking at for first time) that i have not yet done. stay well, and feel free to rant and moan, lol!!!

    Rose xxx

  • Hello asthma girl, sorry to hear that your lungs are playing up on New years day *hugs* My asthma has become an absolute nightmare due to cleaning the bath with the chemical sprays earlier ( wish my family would understand that I have asthma and am very triggered by those chemicals, and falling over dizzy and breathless is not something done for everyones amusement), bunch of raving idiots I live with. First day of the year and it will be spent trying to avoid costa, then working from Wed, sigh. I hope you feel better soon though. HannahRose, please dont panic, I m sure you ll do very well at exams *hugs and best of luck*

  • Jasmine,

    Sorry that your lungs have been playing you up today because of chemicals.

    I do hope your lungs are behaving themselves now

    Good luck with you exams HannahRose

  • its good that you are better and that your lugs are behaving now i know how it feels i have always got a cold and it is painfull

    best wishes


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