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Is this normal?

Hi I sometimes post on the parents board as I have a 3 yr old with asthma but I myself do not, however, since having a rather annoying cough for several months now and no joy with antibiotics the gp gave me a 5 day course of prednisalone which got it! for 10 days I didn't cough then it came back so he has just given me a preventer inhaler!?! It is the same one as my son uses, becotide 100, and I am on 4 puffs am and pm. Is this a little strange since I *don't* have asthma?

As it happens after 5 days my cough has almost gone again! could be coincedence.

Anyway before the pred course I was very naughty and one night whilst coughing so much I was unable to breath I had a go on sons ventolin (oops I know I know)

It was almost instant relief and I decided not to go to a&e afterall. I am now thinking maybe I should cause I would probably of been sorted by now.

Anyway rambling on abit now sorry.

Is it normal for a non-asthmatic to be given a preventer? I am due to go back to the gp in a week and want to be armed with questions etc.


ps. he did get me to blow into a peak flow thing and it was 450, which he says is good. However I don't have enough puff to play my saxaphone for very long and haven't since the coughing started.

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I'm no expert, but it certainly sounds like asthma to me.


I would confess you used you sons inhaler and it worked. I know you are not supposed to do that and I certainly don't condone but it might help the GP with a diagnosis. I let my daughter have 2 puffs of her brothers inhaler once when she came back a friends one cold evening wheezing like a trouper. We took her to GP the following day and he agreed it was probably asthma and that having a son like mine I should know the signs (this was pre mine asthma going mad) . She now has own inhaler for odd times she needs which tends to be exercise induced in cold air. The worst that can happen is you get a bit of a wigging.



Hello, I think you should mention to the doc that the Ventolin helped... as it sounds to me that you are showing some of the signs of Asthma. I was first diagnosed with ""A"" at the age of 28. so I know that you can get it quite late.

The more info you give your doc the greater op to get an accurate diagnosis.

Take care of yourself and good luck


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