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Oh, here we go

I've just been in hospital for orthopaedic surgery, which went really well. Unfortunately, I need to have another, more major operation because I currently have an ankle that's as stable as a tea-tray on an apple; but that's another story.

I've been off work 2 weeks recovering from the operation, doing fine, but the second I go back to the office I get a horrible cold-sore and a nasty cold!!

My head is full of fluid, I'm deaf in one ear, and I've started coughing....

And you know what that means - in a few days I'll probably have a chest infection, and I'll have to go back on the Becotide. Meh.

Unless anyone can think of a way to stop the germs getting to my chest?

Feeling a bit sorry for myself tonight. xx

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Oh yuck... sorry you've got a nasty cold & that you've needed surgery. I just came down with a cold yesterday.

I wish I could offer some advice - most of the time I end up in hospital. The only times I haven't is when I've started prednisolone at the first sign of a cold.

I hope you don't get too bad!


Hi Spaniel - glad the op went OK.

Sorry you have got the lurgy. Try lots of Vitamin C in the form of fruit ( Don't bother with tablets - you only piddle out the excess anyway!) and you could try Echinaceae tablets as they help some peoples imune system - I take them sometimes in the winter to help keep a lid on the bugs.

Steam can help shift the Gunk (There may be an old Nelsons Inhaler in the display cabinets at CHQ LOL!)

Cant really think of anything else. I think if your body has been under stress anyway, eg an Op, it will be more vulnerable to bugs.

Garlic - don't think this works but if you chew it raw no one will come near you anyway to give you their bugs.

Also, start your Becotide NOW! It will give it chance to kick in and help the lungs.

Take care & May catch up soon!




PS How was KAH?


Well, I went to Drs, and she's given me some becotide to start on before the worst comes. I had a massive coughing fit in the middle to a huge presentation today, and I had to escape!!

Hopefully the germs won't get my chest....


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