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Can't keep up with meds

Hi all. Hope everyones well

We had recent appointment with cons for Holly (who's 6) to review her meds an look at how things are. He decided to change some of her meds and lower others (hurray) but given this is probably the fouth time this year they've been changed, I can't keep up!

She was on budesonide respules 0.25ml, salbutamol nebules and inhaler, citirizine, singulair, serevent and pred.

Cons has decided to put her back to 2 puffs flixotide 125 twice a day, salbutamol nebules and inhaler, fexofenadine, serevent, singulair and lowered pred.

Every time her meds get changed we need a school care plan meeting, a care plan meeting for our carers and a new letter and information sheet for the paramedics. These cons appointmnets are not doing much good for my already frazzled brain lol

Anyone else have this amount of bother lol



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Do you get a copy of the letter your cons writes to your GP? Maybe that could help?

Em x


I hvae a special exercise book which i take to all my consulatations with my consultants and i ask them to write everything down at the end so that i can re read it in my leisure to help me remeber what to take when and what we discussed. My con is quite happy to do this. You could try it.


I keep a record of all my meds/ treatment plan etc on my pc and when things change i just alter it. It also has my history an any important info the DRs paramedics or any other carers might need. I carry a printout with me at all times as well.

Although my meds rarely change(just increase) i do have a similar issue with my daughter and her meds and shes 12 and i can sympathise with your frustration although my daughter doesn't sound as severe as your Holly.

If u need to chat feel free to pm me.


Thanks everyone.

The book sounds like a good idea as we don't usually get the letter the cons sends to the gp for a couple of weeks. The book might also be a good idea to keep track of all the changes and let the docs know about them all when she gets admitted.

We have the printout for the paramedics and her carers and the school have the same one which is a good idea too but its all the hassle that comes with the changes.

I think our school nurse must cringe when she hears its me on the phone lol as she knows there'll be another meeting to organise.

That being said, some of her meds are getting lowered so I'm very thankful for that. We always knew it was going to be trial and error getting the meds right but after 4 years I was hoping we'd have got there.

Hope evryone's well and thanks for your advice




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