bad night - advice?

so, last night i ended up getting admitted into CDU, was meant to be getting moved onto a respiratory ward this morning, but got discharged instead, with 3 days of prednisolone 8 5mg a day & told to use my blue inhaler 6 times every 4hrs with a spacer. first off, i got told that i wasnt having an asthma attack by the paramedics, so people go blue & not be able to breathe for the fun it of? i got told i had a really dry cough & got put on a saline neb in the ambulance, which seemed to help the coughing. got to a&e & had to wait over an hour. finally got called through & explained what was wrong & got put straight on salbutamol neb, sent for xrays, had blood cultures done, came back from xray & ended up on back to back salbutamol nebs again. got told in a&e that it WAS an asthma attack & my airways sounded restricted. i appear to be rambling at this point (sorry, tired), with the salbutamol nebs, my oxygen levels got back up to 99%, a couple minutes of been off nebs, theyd dropped right back down to 93-94% oxygen. is this normal? i feel rather pants at the minute, barely slept last night. kept having people poking & prodding at me. was on pulse, oxygen levels, blood pressure, & ECG monitors.. anywho, long story cut short, how do u deal with stuff like this? is oxygen levels dropping a fair bit in a couple of minutes after stopping nebs normal?

cheers for any replies.

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  • Hi sounds horrid!

    Were the nebs given through oxygen - if so if that may account for sats dropping when taken away - as the supplemental oxygen was taken away. Can't think of anything else I am sure some people on here will be able to give you an explanation. Take care and rest up. If gets worse or you feel poorly go to GP or go back to hospital.

  • they were attached to the ""oxygen"" thing on the wall, mum said that they had liquid stuff in the bottom of em, which wasnt coming from the wall? i dunno, i'm a noob when asthma is bad. :/

  • Hello Emma sounds like you had quite a scary night especially if not used to such attacks, I hope you are feeling better this morning. As Honey said your oxygen levels dropping will have been caused by the removal of oxygen. The nebulizer you received sounds like it was driven by oxygen ( to make the mist) to deliver the drug, that's why your oxygen levels reached 99 percent. Once the nebulizer had stopped you were nolonger receiving extra oxygen hence your levels dropping a little. 93-94 is a little lower than expected but nothing to worry too much about. The liquid in the pot is the salbutamol. Hope you manage to get some rest at home.

  • peeved off. grr. ended up in hospital. AGAIN. readmitted last night, ended up in resus, with oxygen levels of 83% (&no thats not a typo), was on oxygen, had 3 nebs & a bit more oxygen. levels come up to about 94-95% & got discharged, not even back onto ward, back home & told to go back if it gets any worse. do they want me half dead or something? >.<

  • Can you see a GP today - I would go an talk about concerns with them - sounds like you are not fully recovering between attacks. I hope that you get it sorted before the weekend.

  • there's no chance of been able to see a doctor (unless i go to out of hours one, which i dont wanna do if i can help it), u've got to ring at 8:30 on the day to be able to see a doctor. had a bad asthma attack wed night & another one this morning/early afternoon, not a lot of time to properly recover from them. gonna try get in with doctor on monday, to see what he says about my asthma & stuff. according to doctor who admitted me wed night, i -should- get passed onto a breathing specialist/asthma clinic & try fix something that way.. sorry if my replies arent making much sense, im tired & feeling rather ill. :(

  • i am starting to seriously think this thing may kill me or something. been in hospital, AGAIN. wednesday night by ambulance, discharged thursday, readmitted again less than 12hrs after discharged, ended up in resus on 2hrs pure oxygen + nebs friday morning. woke up about midnight coughing a lot & really tight in chest last night, ended up in a&e AGAIN today, on nebs & was on oxygen again. ffs, surely admitting me, getting me stabilized THEN discharging me, would be better idea????

  • EmmaOX, you're clearly having such a bad time at the moment and I very much wish I had some good advice to pass on, but all I can offer is hugs and hopes that things will improve for you very very soon.


  • normally its best to keep you in until your stable enough to last longer than 4 hours between inhalers and off oxygen before letting you go home...

    also if you are having such frequent severe attacks they should ensure you have appropriate follow up with a resp consultant and appropriate action plan in place to ensure your safety!!

    hope things improve emma :)

    x x x

  • they couldnt get rid of me faster, didnt even bother to check my obs, peak flow, or nothing else when i came off oxygen/nebs, this afternoon. gonna go to doctors on monday see what the plan is now. already on blue inhalers, had brown, green & pink & now on pink, got purple inhaler now & on singulair(sp?), chest still feels really tight but not coughing as much as i was. i dunno what to think about any more..

  • whats your pf compared to your normal and how far are you between inh?

    if you are not struggling go back emma, if you dont wanna go back to assuming UHW then go to POW maybe??

    good luck ad hope you improve soon babe

    x x x

  • i am a noob, & dont get abbreviations, translate into english please? hah. UHW? POW? peak flow hovering around 270 mark, did get up to 500 ish, -was- averaging around 290 until i had asthma attack that needed nebs to sort me out, had 10 day course of 30mg pred, then gp got me onto singulair. (sp?), after a 3-4 nebs on wed night, it'd come up to 450 at the tops. on thursdays discharge, i got told to take blue inhaler 6 times every 4 hrs through spacer, with that its coming up to about 330-350. sorry to be awkward failing at abbreviations..

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