what a fun day (not)!

well took my 'last' lot of steroids yesterday. had to go out and had an attack in town (well on the bus really all because of an inconsiderate cigarette smoker standing like glue next to me). sorted it, got home hammered the inhalers for a bit cos peak flow went down. managed a very very short walk with the dog and teenager to get some money out of cash point and was promptly ill again. had a bad night. peak flow drops-inhaler brings it back up-half hour later-peak flow drops-inhaler brings it back and and on and on alllll night. totally fed up this morning rang resp team to see if i should just start more steroids and an ambulance was called-so spent a dodgy day in a+e. felt loads better after nebs and more steroids the doc said i could go home if i was 'sensible'.didnt have money for a taxi so asked if ok to get bus-yep thats fine if i go slow. got home after battling cold, coughing like a woodbine smoker and been ill all evening! eeee what a lifex

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  • aww Jay39. you realy had a bad day.Glad you got help.Hope you get a few better days now.Love Glynis x

  • cheers glynis- actually do feel a bit better in last hour. taken quite strong painkillers and wrapped up all toasty so it could be worse lol. how are you x

  • hi jay39. Im doing realy well at the moment and no attack or needed relever or steroids since put on Spirvia.Been on it 4 weeks and also had nasty chest infection and only needed antibiotics and no pred or relever xxx

  • glynis- oh thats great (not the chest infection bit but the bit about new meds working)x

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