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This weekend

Here we go again, I have been awake most of the night due to stroppy lungs, pleurisy and mild pneumonia which is being treated by antibiotics and prednisolone.

I have a family wedding to go to this weekend in Yorkshire which I would really like to go but is it wise to do so with such rubbish lungs at the moment. I am a little concerned in case my lungs decide to go splat when I am there.

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Hey i traveld 200miles away from my home last week, even with my lungs being as stroppy as they are...think of it as, its a once in a life time oppotunity that cant be missed...just make sure you take lots and lots of everything and the minute your starting to feel any change at all, take a seat straight away and take whatever you can...jump on it much quicker than what you may do at home...and if the worst does happen, the hospitals around that area are very good!! Hope it doesnt get that far though!!!



I would say go too, but don't travel alone if possible for safety reasons. Make sure that you have extra supplies with you (and a little hospital bag just in case), and don't be afraid to take a break if you need to from the day's proceedings to keep on top of everything. Finally be honest with your nearest and dearest (I don't mean the bride and groom, they will be stressed enough) about your health so they can keep an eye on you and be supportive if needed. Hopefully there won't be any other dramas than the event itself. Have a lovely time, and best stay off the vino if not well too!


Well I did make it to the family wedding it was lovely seeing all my relatives again. I did suffer two severe asthma attacks the first one my inhalers sorted it then the one that happened Saturday evening was triggered by the smoke machine at the wedding evening disco with that one I really needed paramedic assistance but did not phone for them because I did not want to spoil the wedding celebrations


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